Did You Know That...

  • Economics is a science with excellent tools for gaining answers to a plethora of interesting questions?
  • Economics is seen as the ideal blend of intellectual prestige (it does offer a Nobel, after all) and practical training for a high-flying finance career?
  • John Maynard Keynes's only regret in life was not having drunk more champagne?
  • What do Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert), George Bush, Sandra Day-O'Connor, John Elway, Mick Jagger, and Arnold Schwartzenegger have in common? They all hold undergraduate degrees in economics!  (Thanks to Tom DiBattista for this information.)


Introductory courses give students an appreciation of the way economists view the world and some acquaintance with the economist's techniques for analyzing problems. This department strives to produce persons who will be informed, valuable participants in the public and private decision-making.

The Department offers a sufficient range of upper division courses so that students might select a set that matches individual interests and provides an appropriate preparation for individual careers. Upper level courses are small, generally composed of 10-15 students.

The major offers much flexibility in course selection, which leaves the student with opportunities to pursue other, perhaps related, interests in other departments. Many majors minor in other fields, with Math and Politics being among the most popular. Majors are required to take, in addition to the Introductory courses (ECN 101 and 102), ECN 301 (Microeconomics Theory), ECN 302 (Macroeconomics Theory) and ECN 410 (Econometrics), and any five other upper division economics courses.

Department advisors will help students select the best assortment of courses for those going into graduate training in economics and business, to law school, and for those going into employment in business, government or international organization.

Department Events and Notices


If you would like to take advantage of the internship opportunities for economics majors and earn credit for it, you need to register! Vacancies are sitll open for Summer 2015 and Fall 2015. CLICK HERE for more information and instructions.

The Q&A with Robert Reich is now available for all to view.

Honor Society Dinner

Tuesday, April 21 (Presidents’ Lounge at 6 p.m.) Omicron Delta Epsilon Honor Society dinner/induction ceremony.