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Omega Rho

The recognition of significant accomplishments and the promotion of scholarship through honor societies is a long-standing tradition in modern universities. Membership in an honor society bestows honor, recognition, and a lifetime distinction. For students of operations research, management science, or a closely-related area, OMEGA RHO® is your International Honor Society.

OMEGA RHO® was founded in the spring of 1976 at a joint national meeting of the Operations Research Society of America and The Institute of Management Sciences and is a Member Society of the Association of College Honor Societies for maintaining high standards for the recognition and promotion of academic excellence in higher education. OMEGA RHO® is a society of collegiate chapters and members for promoting and recognizing superior scholarship and leadership and formally became part of INFORMS in 1998. Membership is prestigious with only approximately 6,000 student and faculty inductees qualified at 38 Chapters. Additionally, thru June, 2009, 42 select individuals have been bestowed Honorary Membership in OMEGA RHO®.

OMEGA RHO® gives the students something to strive for academically, it rewards the academic achievements of those chosen to join, and it serves to unite your better students to organize and carry out (often in partnership with the faculty) a variety of activities (such as career panels, lectures, and social activities) that benefit all your students and your faculty as well. OMEGA RHO® admits both graduate and undergraduate students and our Chapter serves to enhance interactions between the graduate and undergraduate students.


Who is qualified for admission to OMEGA RHO®?

Any student of operations research, management science, or a closely-related area may join OMEGA RHO® provided that they meet the following scholastic guidelines:
Undergraduate Students: Top 25% of your class.
Graduate Students: Must have a 3.5/4.0 Grade Point Average.
Students from several different disciplines and discipline names are appropriate candidates for OMEGA RHO®. Department or degree names that are appropriate include but are not limited to:

  • Operations Research or Operational Research
  • Management Science
  • Quantitative Analysis or Quantitative Methods or Business Analytics
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Decision Sciences
  • Operations Management
  • Information Systems, Systems Engineering, or Information Sciences
  • Mathematics or Mathematical Sciences
  • Computer Science or Computer Engineering
  • Statistics or Applied Statistics

Any student, however, qualifies for admission to OMEGA RHO® regardless of their declared major as long as they have had a sufficient set of courses in operations research and management science related areas as determined by the local Chapter.

What are the advantages in joining an OMEGA RHO® Chapter?

The advantages of belonging to OMEGA RHO® are numerous:

You will receive the recognition that you deserve for academic excellence and be able to display this on your resume to enhance potential employment opportunities.
You will receive a handsome certificate.
You will receive an OMEGA RHO® pin or button.
You will have the opportunity to interact with other students and faculty through your local OMEGA RHO® Chapter meetings and activities and advance scholarship, ethics, and professionalism in our disciplines.

You will be prepared to begin an OMEGA RHO® Chapter at any future university at which you are on the faculty or attending classes. This is an easy opportunity for important service to the operations research and management science fields. Establishing an OMEGA RHO® Chapter is a highly-visible activity in your college, especially during graduation ceremonies and honors recognition ceremonies.
Omega Rho® sponsors a Distinguished Lecture at INFORMS Annual Meetings and select INFORMS International Meetings.  Omega Rho® sponsors students to attend the Doctoral Colloquium at INFORMS Annual Meetings.


Distinguished Lectures

The OMEGA RHO Distinguished Lecture on Operations Research and Management Science is among the most prestigious series of lectures in the world and have been presented as a plenary at ORSA/TIMS and INFORMS Meetings since 1983.

OMEGA RHO Distinguished Lecture Series

The OMEGA RHO Distinguished Lecture on Operations Research and Management Science is among the most prestigious series of lectures in the world and have been presented as a plenary at ORSA/TIMS and INFORMS Meetings since 1983.