Business Intelligence and Analytics (BIA) majors acquire general business skills plus knowledge and experience in the theory of decision making, process analysis, database management, decision support systems, data visualization, data mining, statistical analysis, business analytics, competitive intelligence, knowledge management, business intelligence, supply chain, operations management, and enterprise security. Technology employed in the DSS curriculum includes Microsoft Office, Oracle, SAP, Python, R, JMP, Minitab, Tableau, Qlik and Power BI.

The Business Intelligence and Analytics (BIA) minor is designed to enhance the skill set of both business and arts & sciences majors so that they are fundamentally better equipped to succeed in a data-intensive world. Organizations typically gather information in order to assess their operating environment to conduct marketing research or customer relationship management, and to perform competitor analysis. Organizations accumulate business intelligence in order to gain sustainable competitive advantage and regard such intelligence as a valuable core competence.

Most majors offered within a business school have a very clearly defined path. Students who study business intelligence and analytics at Saint Joseph’s University take a different approach. The breadth of subjects explored within the BIA programs uniquely prepare students for careers in technology management and management consulting.

Job prospects and potential salary for our graduates and pay are excellent. Our programs were developed by industry for industry. BIA programs are designed for people who want to distinguish themselves from their peers by acquiring a set of essential skills that really make a difference in today’s organizations.