Business Intelligence and Analytics Major


What is business intelligence and analytics (BIA)? Well, it starts with data. Advances in technology have helped organizations collect mountains of data ranging from customer preferences to trends in sales. The business intelligence and analytics major at Saint Joseph's trains students to help these organizations make sense of this data and use the information to make strategic business decisions.


Business Intelligence and Analytics Minor


A minor in business intelligence and analytics (BIA) enhances the skill set of any academic major so that students are fundamentally better equipped to succeed in a data-intensive world.

This minor is designed for people who want to distinguish themselves from their peers by acquiring a set of in-demand skills that really make a difference in today's organizations.

Adult Learner - Undergraduate


Business Intelligence and Analytics B.B.A.

Adult Learner

Because the BIA program is not industry-specific, SJU graduates are highly sought after as a result of their ability to work in a variety of fields. Students may some monitor blogs, social media and newspaper articles to present their companies with critical information about consumer sentiment. Other opportunities may include working using BI software to identify and avoid potential threats. Students might also use BI software to track census data and make decisions on where to build new franchises.

Graduate Degrees


Business Intelligence and Analytics M.S.


Saint Joseph's University’s Master of Science in Business Intelligence and Analytics Program prepares students to be leaders in their organizations who can leverage organizational knowledge and find success in their data. This focus prepares 21st century professionals to drive organizational performance in all functional areas by using data to develop new opportunities, gain competitive advantage, identify effective strategies, and improve decision-making.


Business Intelligence and Analytics Online M.S.

Graduate, Online

This STEM-designated program may be completed full or part-time and sets graduates apart from their peers as they develop the skills most sought by senior leadership in this data-driven business environment.

Offered within the Haub School of Business, which holds dual AACSB International accreditation, this program is designed for students who are interested in using data to advance their organization's strategic priorities, as well as their own careers. Students will develop analytical skills that are relevant across diverse industries, while creating value for themselves and their organizations.