Drop-in Mindfulness Meditation Sessions Spring 2020

Take a brief time out during a stressful day to enjoy the benefits of meditation. Students who meditate report less anxiety, reduced stress, improved focus, and better health overall. Plus, meditation is typically enhanced in a group setting. Drop-ins encouraged, no commitment needed, no prior experience necessary.

Mondays 11:30am - 12pm  Spring 2020 Semester Campion Sunroom 1

Thursdays 8:30am - 9:00am Spring 2020 Semester Campion Sunroom 1

Contact Dr. Greg Nicholls (gnicholl@sju.edu) or 610-660-1090.

Coping Skills Workshops Beginning the week of February 10th 2020:

CAPS is pleased to offer a workshop mini-series to help students get to know their stress and to build upon their skills for stress management.  The workshop series contains four modules. Please feel free to drop-in intermittently or to attend all four sessions. If you have any questions about the coping skills workshops, please contact CAPS staff Dr. Bree Gould (bgould@sju.edu).

Session Offerings:

Tuesdays Free Period 11:15am-12:15pm - First meeting 2/11/20, then weekly

  • Location: Mandeville 203

Each week CAPS facilitators will teach skills and guide student discussions to enhance learning:

  • During Week 1 you will take self-assessments to learn about where and how you feel your stress and what your automatic coping style is already.
  • During Week 2 grounding skills will equip you with how to re- focus on the present moment to take a break from you thoughts and/or worries.
  • During Week 3 you will practice progressive muscle relaxation and mindful breathing to learn new skills aimed at releasing tension that may be felt in the body during stressful responses.
  • During Week 4 thought challenge skills will teach you how to evaluate certain types of negative thoughts- testing them for validity and gaining perspective about feelings that get associated with thoughts.


Week 1 - February 11       Assessing How You Stress and How You Cope        

Week 2 - February 18     Grounding Skills

Week 3 -  February 25    Muscle Relaxation and Mindful Breathing Skills

Week 4 - March 3           Thought Challenge Skills