• Carry pocket work.
  • Guard against the power of Parkinson’s Law (work expands to fill up all available time). Set time limits. You will use all available time.
  • Set priorities realistically.
  • Start writing that paper. Write the first sentence.
  • Be aware of robbers of time:
    Side trackers
  • Have courage. Follow a schedule and leave friends behind.
  • Concentrate time and efforts.
  • Use the subconscious mind. Keep paper and pencil by your bed and jot down ideas before you have a chance to lose them.
  • Beat the sleepy feeling. Don’t take naps. Do take walks.  If you must nap, make it a short one.
  • Use precious time to think, when walking, jogging, etc.
  • Take study breaks to keep from getting bored. You think and work better in sprints. Five-minute breaks are motivators and material studied has a chance to sink in. However, slow starters should have longer work periods. Review before taking a break.
  • Use a month at a glance calendar.
  • Obey the alarm clock. GET UP!!
  • Write notes to yourself, so you know where to begin the next time, also as reminders of things that need to be done.