R.E.P.P. The purpose of R.E.P.P. is to help survivors of sexual assault and physical/emotional abuse in the SJU community. They can be survivors of stranger, date or acquaintance rape; attempted rape or sexual assault; physical abuse, or emotional abuse in a relationship. R.E.P.P. members are trained to:

  • Listen
  • Answer your questions about violence
  • Support you during medical examinations at local hospitals or in the Student Health Center on campus
  • Provide crisis counseling for you, your family and close friends
  • Refer you to counseling professionals including the SJU Counseling Center (x1090);
  • Women Organized Against Rape (215-985-3333) and
  • Victim Service Center (888-521-0983).
  • Offer information regarding your legal options and possible outcomes of your decisions. With this information, we can support you in making the decision that you feel is best for you.
  • Women Against Abuse (WAA) 215-386-7777

Who Are We?
R.E.P.P. is a group of women and men who have undergone intensive training as rape crisis counselors and are here to help you. We are a group of concerned volunteers and we have been trained to counsel survivors of violence and their friends and relatives. We are organized to help women and men who have experienced sexual assault, physical/ emotional abuse or are impacted by their friend’s or loved one’s experiences. R.E.P.P. is available to support the students, faculty, and staff of SJU. R.E.P.P. is available 24 hours a day. All crisis calls are handled anonymously. Names of survivors are never revealed even to another R.E.P.P. volunteer. All information is confidential.

Sexual Offense
When a person is forced to have sexual intercourse against his or her will and without his or her consent, this is rape. When a person is forced to have sexual contact against his or her will and without his or her consent, this is sexual assault. Both are criminal acts that can leave victims feeling hurt, confused, angry and alone.

Physical and/or emotional abuse within a relationship may include yelling, put downs, name calling, isolation from friends, extreme jealousy, grabbing, hitting, pushing, kicking and a variety of other types of controlling behavior. Physical abuse can cause severe injuries and is a criminal act. Emotional abuse can have serious psychological effects and may leave its victims feeling frightened, angry, betrayed, and isolated.

Contact us at :

610 – 733 – 9650
Help Line