Appointments:  Appointments are usually necessary and can be scheduled by phone (610-660-1090) or in person (A504 Merion Gardens).  A first appointment typically can be scheduled within 2-3 days of an initial request. On weekdays, while school is in session, urgent concerns are usually accommodated through utilization of our call-in hours .  During office hours and between call-in times, a CAPS counselor will be available in cases of emergencies.

Eligibility:  Full-time undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to receive on-going individual counseling. While there is not a specific limit on the number of counseling sessions a student can receive, a short-term model is typically employed with the average number of sessions equaling 6-7.  Students needing consistent, long-term, counseling and/or specialized care are helped to find resources off campus to best meet their needs.

Part-time students are eligible for up to 3 individual counseling sessions per academic year (not including the initial session) for short-term problem resolution and/or referral.

On-Line students who reside in the local area are subject to eligibility listed above for full-time and part-time students.  On-line students who reside outside of the local area can consult with CAPS staff for referral purposes.  Ongoing phone counseling is not a service provided by CAPS counselors.

Employees of Saint Joseph’s University are not eligible for counseling services, but are welcome to consult with CAPS staff for the purposes of referral.

Call-in Counseling:   For Fall 2020, we are offering Call-In Counseling Hours for students with urgent concerns. Students may call our office and speak with a professional counselor, no appointment needed. Availability is on first-come, first served basis. The Call-In Counselor is available Monday – Friday from 11am-12:30pm and again 3-4pm when classes are in session. All students, including part-time, can use our call-in service.

In the event of an EMERGENCY after normal office hours, students should call 911, SJU PUBLIC SAFETY (610-660-1111), or access after hours counselors (610-660-1090, option 2).

First-time appointments to CAPS will consist of a Initial Interview with a CAPS professional counselor for the purpose of assessing the nature of your concerns and discussing a plan for counseling.  If CAPS can best serve your needs, you will be scheduled for a full session with a either a CAPS psychologist, a post-doctoral fellow, or a doctoral level trainee.  Our doctoral level trainees and post-doctoral fellows have previous counseling experience and are supervised by professional staff.  For students whose needs are best served by seeing a mental health professional in the community, CAPS will assist in making the referral.

Full counseling appointments typically last 45 minutes.  Due to scheduling demands, latecomers will not be able to be seen for the full 45 minutes.  Those students running more than 15 minutes late are advised to call first to make sure that the appointment has not been given to another student.   Depending on your and your counselor’s availability,  re-scheduling your appointment may be the best option.

For CANCELLATIONS, please notify CAPS as soon as possible, preferably 24 hours in advance. After normal working hours, you may leave your message on voicemail (610-660-1090).

Please note: Students should not pursue services at CAPS for the sole purpose of obtaining a letter of support.  CAPS does not provide letters at first appointment. However, after a counseling relationship has been established over multiple sessions, with informed consent, we can document attendance and/or determine a diagnosis that may serve to qualify for services within the Office of Student Disability Services.   Students seeking letters of support as an initial need are encouraged to seek letters from individuals directly involved in their care, such as past or present mental health providers or medical doctors.