Few inventions have had as much impact on modern life as the computer. Many fields of human endeavor have changed, and are changing, beyond all recognition as a result of the use of computers. A degreeĀ in Computer Science allows you to share in the excitement of a rapidly developing field.

What kind of background do you need?

More than anything you need to be interested in problem solving. Much of what a Computer Scientist does involves finding ways to make computers do useful and interesting things. An ability to see the large scale structure of a problem, a measure of persistence, and a certain attention to detail will be rewarded with the satisfaction of making something work.


Careers in Computer Science related fields are to be found in almost all areas of human endeavor. The field changes rapidly, but always in the direction of providing greater and more varied opportunities. As long as you can solve problems for others you will be in demand.

Top 10 Reasons to Major in Computing

Job Outlook for Web Developers

Job Outlook for Software Developers


The Computer Science major offers basic courses in programming and the management of data as well as more specialized courses in such areas as artificial intelligence, game programming, graphics, visualization and web technologies. Each summer the University’s summer scholars program offers an opportunity to work on your own research project. Students may also take advantage of internship opportunities.


A minor in Computer Science offers the opportunity to enhance your major by studying those aspects of Computer Science that may enrich your major or just to explore a fascinating discipline.


The faculty in Computer Science is dedicated to helping you to maximize your undergraduate experience. With small classes and easy access to faculty at all times, you will be able to find help and advice when you need it.