Justin Branco, Delaware Valley Community Health

My internship at Delaware Valley Community Health (DVCH) proved to be one of the most beneficial factors of my learning experience at St. Joseph’s University. The projects I was tasked with included: managing the setup and distribution of iPads to doctors, initializing with healthcare software necessary for doctor-patient interaction, developing new plans and alternatives for patients to connect with their doctors via technology, researching new healthcare technologies that would be beneficial for DVCH to implement, and working with IS/IT professionals to deal with any ongoing software/hardware problems that DVCH might face.

My time at Delaware Valley Community Health taught me that the professional world is dynamic and fast-paced. I found myself tasked with many projects at a single time. Many of the projects had to do with our Patient Portal, which is an online hub where patients can access their health records and talk with their healthcare provider without stepping in the office. I made changes to some of the technology that DVCH has to offer their patients, including the Patient Portal and their website. A key project was updating their email scripts using HTML. Another main project was implementing iPads into a healthcare provider’s everyday routine. The use of this technology would promote a closer relationship between patient and doctor and also allow doctors to access vital healthcare software on the go.

Although not all of the projects I was tasked with were completed before my departure from DVCH, I found that my presence at the company was not only beneficial for me but to them as well. During this internship, I learned how to implement the skills I acquired in the classroom to everyday life.