Fatmah Alafari (Drexel Library, SJU, Philadelphia, PA)

In the summer of 2015, I interned as a web development in Francis A. Drexel Library at Saint Josephs’s University specifically, My main responsibility was to develop and maintain some of the library webpages. Thus, I worked on various projects and learned how to use different techniques and tools to approach web-based projects.

The first project I worked on involved designing two responsive SVG web banners for the Library Catalog and iLL webpages. We used Adobe Illustrator software to generate the SVG image, which is the perfect image format to avoid resolution and pixilation problems. In addition, I learned a bout Bootstrap tool, and designed two responsive webpages in which I used the bootstrap’s Scroll Spy plugin for the technical webpages and Bootstrap’s responsive Tab forcomputer classroom webpages. In addition, I used some of CSS3 properties to customize the style of the two designs. Also, I worked on AngularJS for the first time in which I created an Instant Search for the journals webpage. In this project, I had a chance to learn about AngularJS filters, directives and many other main concepts. Thus, I was able to write my customized search filter. Moreover, I used JSON for data exchange in that webpage in which I needed to convert old data from HTML to JSON. Another project that I worked on involved developing the library Staff webpage, in which I used jQuery UI library, JavaScript and CSS3 to design an interactive accordion menu contains the staff images and information. In this project, I wrote my own accordion function since my script file will has less size than the built in accordion script file. Also, I experienced working on backend development application in which I uploaded the new design of Staff webpage on university server using Cascade CMS. Lastly, I learned how to use WordPress which is probably the easiest and most powerful website CMS tool today.