Alumni Reflections: Angela M. Pawlowski

What an exciting time in your life this is: a time to reflect on your accomplishments to date, and a time to plan for your professional career. I remember well this period of planning for me twenty years ago, when I received my acceptance from Saint Joseph’s – and the rest is the history of my career.

Now, as I manage research and development in one of the country’s largest artificial intelligence laboratories, I can look back and recognize the major impact Saint Joseph’s and the professors in the Mathematics and Computer Science Department had on my future. Through my Saint Joseph’s experience I learned not only how to solve technical problems, but also how to define the problems themselves. I learned how to innovate ‘outside the box’, and how to couple my math and computer science capabilities with solid writing skills that have become a hallmark of my current responsibilities at Lockheed Martin.

As an undergrad, Saint Joseph’s gave me the opportunity to test my developing skills as a student consultant in their computer labs, and as a member of their ACM programming team. Complementing those opportunities with Saint Joseph’s well-respected liberal arts education made me a technically savvy and well-rounded job candidate in 1986, when I began at Lockheed Martin (then RCA) as a software engineer upon graduation. Through a series of successive promotions leading to greater responsibility, I arrived at my current position – but that’s my history.

Now is the time for you to begin to create your career history. I’m confident that Saint Joseph’s will serve you well, too, and I encourage you to respond positively and become a Saint Joseph’s Hawk. Twenty years has been a long time for me to reflect on the value of my Saint Joseph’s education. Twenty years of progressive success tells me that you won’t be disappointed, either!

Go Hawks!

Angela M. Pawlowski, B.S. ’86, M.S. ‘89
Manager, Artificial Intelligence Programs
Martin Advanced Technology Laboratories