Emily Steele (Madison Square Garden & Radio City Music Hall)

I am currently a senior at SJU dual majoring in Computer Science and Film. This summer I interned at the Madison Square Garden Company and Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Before I was accepted into the program, I interviewed with the Marketing department for web design. I brought with me some sample work from my Computer Graphics course to show my abilities. The woman I interviewed with told me it was too impressive for her department and recommended me to the Chief Technology Office. A few days later I received another call asking me to come back for a second interview. When I returned to MSG, the technology department was also highly impressed with my sample work. A few hours after I left my interview, I received a call that I had received the position. During the summer, I spent much of my time supplying the department with documentation for the Knicks and Rangers apps.

I also taught myself Ruby code and updated and maintained Ruby scripts. In addition to working at MSG, I also had the chance to learn behind the scenes tech work for Radio City Music Hall. I worked on a project involving softwares known as AUTOCAD and 3DSMax. I was extremely lucky to have worked at such a renowned company this summer. The SJU Computer Science department has supported me fully in all my academic decisions during my undergraduate career. I believe that the training and education I received from the department is the reason I was given this opportunity. All my professors pushed me to be the best I could possibly be and I can’t thank them enough for their never-ending support and gratitude during my time here.