Undergraduate Programs

The Department offers two undergraduate programs:  B.S. Program in Computer Science and a B.S. Program in Information Technology. Both programs prepare students both for a professional career in the field of computing or for graduate study, if that is the student's inclination.

Graduates will find employment in research and development, computer software development, e-commerce, security, and Web and database technologies.

Combined Five-Year B.S./M.S. in Computer Science

This program was designed to encourage promising undergraduates to pursue their Computer Science graduate studies at the University. The program is competitive and admission is based on overall academic performance, letters of recommendation, and statement of purpose.

Minor in Computational Engineering & Applied Physics

The Departments of Computer Science, Physics, and Mathematics offer an interdisciplinary minor in Computational Engineering & Applied Physics for the undergraduate Computer Science program. The minor is intended for students who wish to study the development and application of computational models and simulations, coupled with high-performance computing, to solve complex physical problems arising in engineering analysis and design (computational engineering) as well as natural phenomena (computational science).

Graduate Programs

The M.S. Program in Computer Science provides a comprehensive approach to advanced study in computer science. It also prepares the student to hold a variety of professional and technical positions in all areas of computer science.  Students may choose to graduate with an M.S. Degree in Computer Science using:

The Concentration Option

The main objective of the M.S. Concentration Option is to expose students to state-of-the-art concepts and techniques in the areas of web services, database technologies, and cybersecurity.  The concentrations are:

  1. Web and Database Technologies
  2. Cybersecurity
  3. Artificial Intelligence

The General Option

The M.S. General Option is specifically designed for students who are interested in acquiring the necessary knowledge in the development of large software systems ranging in scope from database management systems and data communications networks to operating systems, distributed systems, and graphics and animation systems.

*NEW* Cybersecurity Certificate Program

This program is intended for professionals who already hold an undergraduate degree and wish to take the first step toward a master’s degree with a concentration in cybersecurity.

Graduate Assistants

Students may apply for a Graduate Assistant position after successful completion of their first semester.  Applications for the fall semester are due in November and spring semester, in April.  Awards are limited and vary in amounts, based on the needs of the department.


UPE/ACM Chapters

The department is a Lambda Chapter of Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE), which is the only international honor society in the Computing and Information Disciplines. Join Our Local Chapter.

The Computer Science Department is dedicated to familiarizing students with the full scope of this rapidly evolving and exciting field. The Computer Science major prepares students both for a professional career in the field of computers and for graduate study if that is the student's inclination. Graduates work in a large variety of high technology industries including the defense industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and in the information technology industry. Any career that requires disciplined thought is available to a Computer Science graduate.  

Detailed information regarding all aspects of the Computer Science Department can be viewed here. 

Alumni Success Stories

It does not matter whether you want to be an educator, a researcher, a software or hardware engineer, an IT consultant or something else entirely, a degree in computer science can give you the foundation and tools you will need to accomplish your own dreams.

Glenn Brunette B.S. '93, M.S. '99
Senior Director, Cybersecurity, Oracle Public Sector at Oracle Corporation
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I learned how to innovate ‘outside the box’, and how to couple my math and computer science capabilities with solid writing skills that have become a hallmark of my current responsibilities at Lockheed Martin.

Angela M. Pawlowski, B.S. ’86, M.S. ‘89
Manager, Artificial Intelligence Programs
Martin Advanced Technology Laboratories
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Students can gain first-hand experience of the daily activities of professionals in the field of Computer Science by pursuing an internship.

Upsilon Pi Epsilon

The department is a Lambda Chapter of Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE), which is the only international honor society in the Computing and Information Disciplines.

International Students

http://internationalprograms.sju.edu/http://internationalprograms.sju.edu/For information regarding visa regulations, please contact the Office of International Students and Scholars.