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A Candid Conversation: Myth-Busting with Community Standards
What is the Office of Community Standards all about? I was documented – now what? Hypothetical Scenarios… Anonymous questions and answers. Honest advice for tough situations!

Community Values & Ethical Decision Making
This interactive session is designed to explore individual and institutional values and discuss the role that values play in the everyday decisions we make. With open and honest dialogue, participants will achieve a better understanding of their own values and the values of a Jesuit, Catholic education. Participants will explore common ethical dilemmas facing college students, the impact of their decisions on the broader community, and the short- and long-term consequences of decisions.

Healthy Conflict
From interactions with University staff to disagreements with roommates, it is inevitable that many of us will experience conflict in our lives. What is the best way to respond to a situation being documented by authorities? How do I tell my roommate to stop “borrowing” my things without my permission? Some people have found a way to handle situations positively and embrace conflict as a healthy thing. Participants in this session will explore conflict situations, distinguish between positive and negative outcomes, identify key conflict management strategies, reflect on their own typical responses to conflict, and develop proactive strategies for dealing with challenges.

Telling Your Story: Image Management
Are you taking advantage of opportunities to create and tell your story? Who are you? What are your strengths? How would you describe yourself to others? Are others telling your story for you? This session will encourage students to review their “story”, learn how to make the most of their experience on campus, and become more aware of the impact behaviors can have on their story and career, both positive and negative. Information about educational records will also be shared. The Office of Community Standards performs background checks on current and former students on an almost daily basis. What is your file saying about you?

Bystander Intervention / Peer Accountability
What can I (or should I) do when people in my community are violating community standards? Are there things that I can (or should) do to confront the vandalism and inappropriate behavior in my house, wing, floor, or building? How do we hold each other accountable for conduct that is detrimental to the SJU community? How can I be an effective bystander and how can I intervene?


For more information on these (and other) topics, and resources on-campus visit:

Public Safety and Security
Wellness, Alcohol, and Drug Education Program
Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Off Campus Student Life

Human Resources Policies and Handbooks (for employees)
Sexual Misconduct: Support & Resources
AntiHazing Resources

Alcohol in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
In addition to violations of University Policies, there are state and local laws, including, but not limited to, Title 18 (Pennsylvania Crimes Code) and Title 75 (the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code) that impose criminal penalties if violated. Learn more about state liquor laws and alcohol education at http://www.lcb.state.pa.us/PLCB/Education/index.htm.