How to Report an Incident (Complaint) to the University?

Any member of the University community (“complainant”) may file a complaint against a student(s) or student organization(s) (“respondent”) alleging violation of the Community Standards. Complaints can be reported to the University in a variety of ways. Please see the below information regarding how to report an incident (complaint) to the University. 

  • Office of Public Safety & Security
    • The Office of Public Safety & Security is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in Barbelin 13. If there is an active situation, or if you are seeking immediate assistance, you should contact the office by phone: 610-660-1111. In the event of an emergency, you should dial 911.
  • Incident Reporting Form
    • To report an incident involving an allegation of bias, crime, hazing, sexual harassment and sexual misconduct, or other student behavioral concern, you can use the online Incident Reporting Form (linked above). This form allows for anonymous reporting.
  • Office of Residence Life
    • For residential students, reports can be made to the Office of Residence Life (including professional staff members and student resident assistants). Each residential area has a Residential Area Manager and Resident Assistants who are there to assist members of the residential community. To report a concern to the Office of Residence Life, you can contact a Resident Assistant, Residential Area Manager, or the Central Office (in LaFarge Residence Center).