Registering your OFF CAMPUS ADDRESS through The Nest

OFF CAMPUS STUDENTS are required by the City of Philadelphia and University policy to register their off campus address with Saint Joseph’s University.

Step 1: Log into ‘The Nest

Step 2: Click on the ‘School Services’ tab

Step 3: Locate the ‘Administrative Services’ box

Step 4: Click on ‘Personal Information’

Step 5: Click on ‘General Profile

Step 6: Follow the on-screen instructions to add a new or edit an existing off campus address

Tips when entering your off campus address:

  • Off campus addresses are ONLY intended to be used by students residing off campus, and not commuting from their family home (ex: a junior who previously lived on campus, but now lives in an apartment/house off campus with friends).
  • If you live at your family home and commute to classes, you do not need to enter an off campus address. Your permanent address will be considered your off campus address.
  • If you live off campus in an apartment building or complex, it is recommended that you enter the address for the complex in the Address Line 1 box, and your Apartment Number in the Address Line 2 box (ex: Line 1: ### City Avenue; Line 2: Apt A100). This will help the University know precisely where you are residing off campus.
  • It is important that you provide accurate information when registering your off campus address with the University.

Given off campus address registration is required by Philadelphia law and University policy, failure to register your off campus address or dishonesty through this process may be addressed by the Office of Community Standards. Students who do not fully comply with the Educational Housing District Law may be prohibited from participating in student organizations.

For more information on the Educational Housing District Law (EHDL), please visit the following webpage: