In 2002, the City of Philadelphia passed what is commonly referred to as the Educational Housing District Law (EHDL). The law presents requirements and regulations for all Educational Housing Districts. This includes the 4th City Council District (includes the neighborhoods of East Falls, Roxborough, Manayunk, West Allegheny, West Philadelphia (north of Market Street), Overbrook Farms and Wynnefield). The Saint Joseph’s University campus is located within the 4th District, as are most off campus student residences.

Below you will find a few important points noted within the EHDL related to off campus students. This webpage is not intended to be a full representation of the law.

Notification Requirements:

(1)    Each student living or intending to live, in an Educational Housing District while attending school must:

(a)    before signing a lease or becoming a tenant of a property located in an Educational Housing District, notify his or her property owner or manager that he or she is a student, provide the property owner or manager with the name of the school he or she attends and advise the property owner or manager whether the school is in an Educational Housing District; and

(b)    provide the college or university that he or she attends with his or her local address no later than September 1 of each year or in accordance with the adopted policy of the college or university for the provision of local addresses in order to assist the college or university in its efforts to contact students in the event that the college or university needs to notify them of matters involving danger or threats to health, safety or the general welfare, respond to local or national emergencies, or respond to any lawful government inquiry. The student shall notify the college or university within five (5) days of any change in that address. (

Zoning Compliance:

(1)    No student may live in any dwelling which is in violation of the Zoning Code, including any dwelling in which more than three unrelated persons are living as a single household unit without a valid use registration permit.