The Community Standards Board (CSB) is a group of students, faculty, and administrators/staff who are trained to hear cases that involve more serious violations of the Community Standards and serve a role within the Community Standards appeals process.

The CSB includes the following members:

Board – The Community Standards Board is an eighteen-person board, consisting of at least five students (including at least one undergraduate adult student or graduate student), at least five faculty members, and at least five administrators/staff. Undergraduate student members are selected from the Peer Review Board by the Director of Community Standards/designee. Undergraduate adult students and/or graduate students are selected by the Director of Community Standards/designee. Faculty members are selected by the Faculty Senate. Administrators/staff are selected by the Vice President for Student Life/Associate Provost. The term of membership on the Community Standards Board shall be two years for faculty and administrators/staff and one year for students, unless circumstances call for an adjusted term length (i.e. member withdrawal from the CSB before their term expiration). Terms are renewable.

Chairperson – The Chairperson is a voting member, who is selected by the Moderator on a case-by-case basis.

Moderator/Resource Person – The Moderator shall advise the CSB on matters such as the type of information that may help in determining if Community Standards were violated and appropriate sanction(s). The Moderator shall also facilitate the appropriate paperwork and record keeping, as well as reserve the hearing space.

The Moderator selects three Board members (which includes one chairperson) to serve on a hearing panel for a particular matter. The composition of each panel shall consist of at least one faculty/administrator/staff member and at least one student member. The third member may be either a faculty/administrator/staff member or a student member. Board members shall disqualify themselves from serving on a panel if they believe in good faith that they cannot be objective in the matter. The respondent and complainant may object to a member for cause in writing within 24 hours of the written notification of the Board members serving on the panel. The Moderator shall rule on all objections and replace any disqualified members.

NOTE: The information included on this webpage does not replace information published within the Student Handbook. For more complete information, please reference the Student Handbook. Please refer to the Sexual Misconduct Policy, which includes the disciplinary process for alleged violations of this policy.