What is a Community Standards Advisor?

At any time during the Community Standards process, the respondent or complainant may consult with an advisor from the University community. An advisor is a member of the University community who a student is permitted to consult with throughout the process, including accompanying the student to meetings/hearings within the Community Standards process.

The choice whether or not to invite an advisor is solely that of the respondent or complainant involved.

An advisor serves to guide the individual through the Community Standards process. At any stage of the Community Standards process, the individual may seek advice from the advisor, and the advisor may give advice to that individual. However, the advisor may not speak for that individual or otherwise direct questions to or address others present in any Community Standards process meeting/hearing (e.g., the opposing party, witnesses, and/or the person conducting the meeting/hearing (university official). An advisor cannot serve in a different role during the Community Standards process (e.g., witness).

The University may remove or dismiss an advisor who becomes disruptive or who does not abide by the restrictions on participation, as determined by the person conducting the meeting/hearing (university official).

An advisor may take notes, but is not permitted to inspect, read, copy, photograph, or transcribe any documents or data at any stage of the Community Standards process. While an advisor’s schedule is not determinative, reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate the advisor. Problems with an advisor’s schedule will not delay a meeting/hearing.

Non-University advisors, including family members or legal counsel, are not allowed to serve as advisors, inspect hearing records during the Community Standards process, or attend the meeting/hearing. The advisor may be someone who holds a J.D., so long as the person holding the J.D. is not then engaged in the active practice of law and discloses and affirms these circumstances to the Office of Community Standards prior to attending any meetings/hearings in this capacity with the advisee party. The Office of Community Standards has the final determination as to who may serve as an advisor.

A list of Trained Advisors is provided below and is available in the Office of Community Standards (Campion 243). A complainant or respondent may choose one of these Trained Advisors to serve as an advisor, or may select any other person from inside the University community to serve as an advisor.

The following individuals have been provided training on the Community Standards process at Saint Joseph’s University and avail themselves as a Community Standards Advisor. Those with a + after their name have also been provided training to be Community Standards Advisors for Sexual Misconduct Policy complaints.

Trained Community Standards Advisors:
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Name Department Office Location Office Phone                  Email
Jonathan Osborne+ Residence Life LaFarge (610) 660-1012 josborn1@sju.edu
Timothy Higgins HSB Advising Mandeville 150 (610) 660-3377 thiggins@sju.edu
Daniel McDevitt+ Student Success Bellarmine G6 (610) 660-2956 dmcdevit@sju.edu
Jessica Moran Buckridge+ Residence Life LaFarge (610) 660-1064 jmoran@sju.edu
Megan Azzalina Student Leadership and Activities Campion 313B (610) 660-1071 mazzalin@sju.edu
Julia Cardinal+ Residence Life Villiger (610) 747-4795 jcardinal@sju.edu
Renie Shields+ Athletics Barry Hall (610) 660-2584 shields@sju.edu
Tom Kesaris Center for International Programs LaFarge Suite 10 (610) 660-1836 tkesaris@sju.edu
Max Shirey+ Residence Life LaFarge (610) 660-1463 mshirey@sju.edu
Ken Krimmel+ Athletics Barry Hall (610) 660-1729 kkrimmel@sju.edu
Taba Pickard+ Human Resources 215 City Avenue (610) 660-3313 tpickard@sju.edu
Angela Nagle+ Campus Recreation 120 O’Pake (610) 660-2583 anagle@sju.edu
Panagiota (Pam) Kokkalis Career Development Center 102 Career Development Center (610) 660-3021 pkokkalis@sju.edu
Bryana Lewin Residence Life Merion Gardens A-105 (610) 747-4153 blewin@sju.edu

Office Information
*Questions regarding advisors may be directed to the Office of Community Standards.

Campion Student Center, Room 243
Phone: (610) 660-1046
Email: communitystandards@sju.edu

NOTE: The information included on this webpage does not replace information published within the Student Handbook. For more complete information, please reference the Student Handbook. Please refer to the Sexual Misconduct Policy, which includes the disciplinary process for alleged violations of this policy.