Office of Community Standards Mission Statement

Through the education and administration of policies and expectations included in the Student Handbook, the Office of Community Standards promotes personal attitudes and behaviors that are in concert with the values rooted in our Jesuit tradition. As an office, we encourage students to take ownership of their decisions and accept the consequences (both positive and negative). In doing so, we create an environment where all students can learn, grow, and become ethical leaders in their chosen fields. As an entity within the Office of Community Standards, Off Campus Student Life works with students and non-students to encourage a positive quality of life and desirable off campus community.

What Should Be Done If You or Others Need Help?

Help Seeker Statement: The welfare of each person in the Saint Joseph’s University community is paramount, and SJU encourages students to act as bystanders and offer help and assistance to others in need. Because the University understands that fear of disciplinary action may deter requests for emergency assistance, this statement was created to alleviate such concerns and reduce hesitation by SJU students to seek help.

Students are expected to immediately report conduct or activity which poses a danger to the community or its members. For example, all students are expected to seek appropriate assistance for themselves or others in situations where help is needed to ensure proper care of a person who is significantly intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. Students should not hesitate to seek help because of fear of disciplinary action.

In most circumstances, the help seeker and the student in need will not be charged with a policy violation through the University’s Community Standards process. In good faith reports regarding sexual harassment, or retaliation of the aforementioned, witness(es) and complainant(s)/victim(s) will not be charged with policy violations through the University’s Community Standards process for personal use of alcohol or drugs which are disclosed in the report.

Although students may be required to meet with a University official regarding the incident, Saint Joseph’s University will support and encourage this behavior by treating it as a health and safety matter, not as a disciplinary incident. In rare circumstances, such as cases of repeated, flagrant, or serious violations of the Community Standards (e.g., bodily harm, sexual misconduct, physical or verbal abuse or harassment, distribution of drugs, hazing, theft) or violations that caused the harm to another person requiring emergency response, conduct may be considered more than a health and safety matter.