SJU Definition:


Aligned with the Carnegie Classification of Community Engagement, quality outreach activities and partnerships should aim to:

  • strengthen democratic values and civic responsibility;
  • address critical societal issues and contribute to the public good.


 Outreach activities and partnerships should also:

  • prepare educated, engaged citizens;
  • enrich scholarship, research, and creative activity;
  • enhance curriculum, teaching, and learning.


Standards are grounded in the research of best practices in the field of community engagement. Questions below each standard offer a way to assess if your program/project meets each standard.

  1. Reciprocity: Design and implementation of the outreach activity and partnership should have benefits to both the external partner organization as well as the university community.
  2. Reflection: Participants in outreach activities should have structured opportunities to critically reflect. Characteristics of critical reflection are being continuous, connected, challenging and contextualized.
  3. Partnership: SJU and community organizations should communicate, plan, and assess programs collaboratively. Moreover, partnership necessitates that collaboration becomes sustainable over time.