Internship Policy for 2019-2020 (below you can find the forms to submit for approval of internship):

General Requirements:

  1. Students must have completed COM200 & COM201.
  2. Students must have at least Junior academic standing.
  3. Students must be a Communications Major.
  4. Students must have a 2.5 GPA or higher.
  5. Students may take COM491 once, which counts as a COM option course.
  6. A second internship may be taken under COM49X, which counts as a general elective, but which does not count toward the core COM graduation requirements. Students taking a second internship still must attend and register for the Internship class.
  7. Internships must involve at least 150 hours of work (across the semester) and must be related to the larger fields of Communications or Digital Media.
  8. All internships requires two letters from your employer. The first letter should be submitted with the application (at the time of course registration) and should include the following:

* Title of the internship position

* Description of the position

* Typical daily or weekly duties

* Weekly & Total hours of work

* Outcomes for the internship: What will the intern learn?

* Name & contact info for the supervisor

* Compensation: Is a stipend offered? Is there reimbursement for travel or meals?

The second letter should be submitted at the completion of the internship and should evaluate the student’s performance and professional gains.

Spring/Fall/Summer internships:

All credit-bearing internships must be registered through COM491. This course will meet in person and online. To apply for COM491, you should:

  1. Be sure that you meet the requirements (listed above).
  2. Submit a letter from your employer (listed above).
  3. Print the internship application form. Submit the letter and form to the Department Chair.
  4. After your materials are processed you will be able to enroll in the internship class. You will be notified by Chris Hammond-Heffernan when the override is complete so you may register.


Internship Applications:

Internship Application



Places students have interned with in the past:

The companies and positions listed below are just to be used as a guide. There are many other places that you are able to intern at, this list is just to help you get an idea of the types of positions past students have held in various companies. If you are unsure of an internship position, talk to your advisor.


-Snackeaze (Director of Marketing)

-Franklin Institute (Digital Marketing)

-Cradles to Crayons

-BHLDN (Social Media Intern)

-SJU Athletic Department Development

-Chloe Johnston Experiences (Social Media Marketing)

-The Photo Review

-PHL17 (Morning News Intern)

-Independence Blue Cross (Communications Specialist)

-WXPN88.5 (Street Team Coordinator)

-Harpers Bazaar

-Philadelphia Flyers (Public Relations Intern)

-Susan G Komen (Events Intern)

-6ABC Creative Services

-6ABC Programming and Production

-Neff Associates