COM 442 Non-Profit Communications 

Not-for-profit and community-based organizations rely on strategic digital communication to create positive social change. Students will gain in-depth knowledge of communication theories and practices while conducting research projects with local organizations through the Beautiful Social Research Collaborative. Those who complete this course will know how to apply a variety of social media theories and practices to help organizations achieve their communication goals. Students in the course will actively participate as a member of a project team to complete projects with clients in the Greater Philadelphia area and, from time to time, beyond. Local travel is required. **Writing Intensive**

Registration for this class is by Instructor Approval. Please fill out an application here –

COM 453 Advanced Design 

In this course, students will develop a graphic design portfolio and deepen their knowledge of typography, color theory, the graphic design profession, and more. As a communications course, it emphasizes rhetorical dimensions of design, including purpose and audience. During the creative process, students will move through phases of research, planning, drafting, feedback, revision, and reflection—with an emphasis on sketching as a means of paying attention and gathering inspiration. Class projects may include branding materials, illustrations, posters, and magazine layouts for both print and digital formats. The primary goal of the course is to produce portfolio-quality work in graphic design and to build on skills and concepts covered in previous courses. Students should have at least a working knowledge of Adobe software products, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Qualified students may seek instructor approval


COM 455 Music Protest & Social Justice 

Popular musicians use their platform to release songs, videos, and statements that reveal, condemn, and inspire action in response to perceived social, political, and military injustices. These songs, videos, and statements exist within a complex system of power, cultures, values, politics, entertainment, music, and texts. In this course, we will consider that complex system by analyzing protest and social justice songs that cover important issues, including race, civil rights, sexual orientation, war, labor, and immigration, from Slavery Spirituals to the present moment. In doing so, we will see how protest music works within social movements, fights power, encourages activism, and, perhaps, inspires change.

COM 473 Multimedia Writing Workshop

A writer’s work can be incredibly varied and provide a multitude of challenges and opportunities for creativity. Multimedia writers may create a script for a storyboard developed by a graphic artist. They may also create the text for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram posts. They might write copy for a news broadcast, or write their own blog posts. The goal of this intensive writing workshop is to build a writing portfolio and introduce the many facets of multimedia writing while encouraging each student to find their own method, approach, and voice within the structures of each multimedia platform. Students will be guided in exploring, discovering, and strengthening their voices and writing styles with the goal of enhancing and expanding their analytical and creative communication skills, and preparing them for real world jobs.

COM 473 The Beautiful Game: How Soccer Explains Media

Soccer (football) is more than the beautiful game. As one manager famously said, “Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you it is much more serious than that.” It has become a ritualized global spectacle more widely practiced than the world’s largest religions. The game is also highly stylized and curated entertainment. This course looks at soccer as culture and commodity practiced and performed through media – television, journalism, literature, documentary film, photography, art and fashion. We will study the culture and history of soccer to better understand the ways that football fandom is intertwined with national identity, class, race and gender. Course texts include Among the Thugs (a seminal journalistic account of football hooligans), British and Scottish football fanzines, scholarly articles, documentaries and podcasts. No knowledge of soccer – its rules, players, tactics or leagues – is expected or required.

Com 472 Digital Storytelling  (Registration for this class is restricted to seniors. Please contact Dr. Lyons for an Instructor Approval Override)

Students in this course will critique and create a variety of digital stories through multiple lenses. Possible topics include 1) the lens of craft (narrative paths, spectatorship, structure); 2) the lens of convergence (transmedia storytelling, immersion, and storytelling via games); and 3) the lens of social change (first-person narratives, documentaries, and social justice), 4) the lens of aesthetics (style, time, and space).


ARH 104, 106, 208 (Formerly ART 104, 106, 206 these WILL count as ILC’s)

ECN 330, 370

HIS 386

LIN 200

MTF 191, 192, 291, 294

PHL 262

POL 331

REL 327

SOC 206, 207, 208, 335

THE 372