Com 441 D01 Soc Media & Comm Eng: TR  2 – 3:15, Dr. Knight

Not-for-profit and community-based organizations rely on strategic digital communication to create social change. Students in this course gain in-depth knowledge of communication theories and practices while conducting research projects with local organizations through the Beautiful Social Research Collaborative. Students in the course actively participate as a member of a project team to complete projects with a non-profit client.

*application required

Com 473 D01 Social Justice Photography: Th  5 – 7:45pm,  Dr. Parry

Photographs profoundly shape how we communicate, playing an important role in contemporary social movements. In this class we will study the role photography has played in depicting events, movements, and the pursuit of social justice, paying particular attention to the ways in which the digital era has transformed the impact of photographs. This course will also have a creative component, where beyond studying images and photographers students will be asked to make images of their own, putting into practice the theories and history discussed in class.

Com 473 D02 Subcultures in Media: TR  5 – 6:15pm, Dr. Bernhard

This course will provide students with an overview of the history of subcultural theory and youth culture’s relationship with mass media. Classroom content will offer an examination of a range of subcultures along with the theoretical considerations that have offered an academic perspective of youth culture throughout the last four decades. Media framing and the media attention of various subcultures will be explored and investigated.

Com 473 D03 Netflix: The Class: MWF 2:30 – 3:20pm, Dr. Murphy

This course focuses on Netflix to teach students about the rise of streaming media as a cultural paradigm both in the United States and abroad. We will investigate some of the strategies behind Netflix’s development as a producer of original programming and as an international streaming service. In the process, we will use Netflix to discuss some of the most important questions surrounding our everyday use of the media, including ownership over television and film; uneven access to streaming services and content libraries; algorithmic culture, content curation and personalization, audience construction, and contemporary marketing strategies.

Com 473 D04 Social Media Influencers: MWF 2:30 – 3:20pm, Dr. Hund

In a social media environment nearly saturated by advertising and marketing, the word “influencer” is both overused and under investigated. This course aims to add both contextual depth and practical knowledge to your current experience related to social media influencers by interrogating their existence as media professionals, conduits of commerce, and cultural exemplars of authenticity and the good life.
We begin with some readings that predate the social media era to understand the cultural, technological, and socio economic origins of this phenomenon. Next, through more contemporary readings and a guest speaker, we’ll learn how bloggers, marketers, advertisers, and social media companies made their ideas about an online “influencer economy” to reality, reorganizing media and cultural industries in the process. Finally, we’ll turn to Instagram influencers in particular, the multibillion dollar industry rooted in the display of aspirational-but-authentic lifestyles, in order to develop a critical understanding of social media influencers’ increasingly significant role as mediators of culture and commerce.

Com 203 D01 Digital Field Methods: TTH 2 – 3:15pm, Dr. Hammer

In this course, we focus on the methods, theories, and tools of field-based audiovisual production. Students will practice photography, videography, and audio recording in both field and studio-based environment, and will learn how to edit and revise content in the Adobe Creative Suite. Working throughout the semester on these prodction skills rooted in rhetorical principles of audience and purpose, students will create a multimedia portfolio of work.

*This class is restricted to Rising Juniors and will count as an upper level Com Course.

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