Spring 2018 Option Courses

Com students will have the following Option Courses available for Spring 2018:

Com 442 Non-Profit Communications (Instructor Approval Required)

Not-for-profit and community-based organizations rely on strategic digital communication to create positive social change. Students will gain in-depth knowledge of communication theories and practices while conducting research projects with local organizations through the Beautiful Social Research Collaborative. Those who complete this course will know how to apply a variety of social media theories and practices to help organizations achieve their communication goals. Students in the course will actively participate as a member of a project team to complete projects with clients in the Greater Philadelphia area and, from time to time, beyond. Local travel is required.

Com 473 D01 Crime, Justice and The Media

This course looks at media narratives of crime and justice. We study how those narratives have impacted sentencing, incarceration and law. We will then produce new narratives, stories of redemption, through interviews with men and women who had served life-without-parole sentences and recently returned home. The course includes substantial work outside of class, including at least one trip to Graterford prison to talk to men serving life sentences. Media production experience will be helpful, but is not required.

Com 473 D02 Social Media and Participatory Culture

In Social Media and Participatory Culture, we will consider how people have used social media to subvert civil and corporate institutions and protest against perceived injustices. We will see how those same institutions have tried to leverage social media to engage in surveillance and manipulation. And we will see how people are using participatory culture to persist against those attempts.

 Com 473 D03 Podcast Production

In this course, students will focus on producing podcasts, from understanding form and genre to techniques in working with digital sound production. Students will learn advanced audio recording and post-processing techniques and tools, integrate music, write and revise scripts, publish and promote their work digitally, learn and practice interviewing techniques, and work collaboratively to create a cohesive series. Previous experience working with audio recording and editing will be helpful, though it is not a prerequisite.

Eng 350 Advanced Tools for News Writing

This is an upper-level reporting class that teaches students practical skills for real world journalism, whether that’s emailing a source for an interview, filing a FOIA request, pulling police/ courts documents or distilling an academic report into 300 words for a quick web post. It’s ideally for college students who have serious potential but have little idea how to develop a story idea and do the reporting needed to nail it down in this fast paced journalism landscape. Bottom line, this course focuses on where to find and how to use resources that allow students to work  at the fast pace necessary to succeed in digital journalism. It builds on some of those skills taught in other courses at St. Joseph’s, while adding new ones and illustrating how to use them every day in a real-world modern newsroom.


Spring 2018 Internship Opportunity

DMAX Foundation is hiring Interns for Spring 2018 –

Internship Opportunity Spring ’18

DMAX Foundation is a Philadelphia-area nonprofit whose mission is to eliminate stigma and encourage safe and caring
conversations about mental and emotional issues among our youth. We accomplish this through DMAX Clubs on college
campuses. The Clubs create an environment where students can get together to talk about how they are doing, how their
friends are doing and how they can help each other. The Clubs are for all students as we believe that mental health is a
spectrum, and that everyone falls along the spectrum at different places at different times in our lives. Mental health is
everyone’s concern.

Position Description
DMAX Foundation is seeking a student for a unique internship that will use communications and media talents to help build a
meaningful, grassroots organization on your campus, i.e. a DMAX Club and to further the outreach goals of DMAX
Foundation. The ideal candidate will have a passion for our mission, interest in being a part of a startup organization, and
excellent communications and marketing skills. The intern will work closely with the Executive Director and the Outreach
Coordinator. The intern will be involved in several initiatives including:
● Startup and/or marketing of a DMAX Club at your school.
● Raising awareness about DMAX Clubs at other colleges in the local area
● Using communication tools for outreach to build the base of DMAX Foundation’s constituents
● Assist DMAX Foundation with other tasks as requested
The position will include marketing and communications, promotion, planning and strategy and will use website and social
media strategies and tools. The ideal candidate would be someone majoring in Communications or Marketing, Business or
Public Health. This position can be performed remotely.

Skills and Qualifications
● Communications
● Marketing
● Social Media networking, outreach and promotion
● Excellent oral and written communication skills
● Strategic thinking and planning capabilities
● Ability to work independently and on a team
● Ability to implement a plan
● Persistence and persuasiveness
● Good listening skills
● Design skills
● Experience developing project plans and meeting timelines
● Excellent organization skills
● Strong knowledge of Microsoft Office Products (Word, PowerPoint, Excel)
● Familiarity with web-based and traditional marketing strategies
● Interest in the field of mental wellness among youth is a plus

A small stipend is available.. There will be opportunities for professional development through working with the Foundation’s
Executive Director and other members of the DMAX team. In addition, you will also receive a letter of recommendation that
will reflect the caliber your work with the Foundation.
● Be part of an organization and develop relationships with professionals who want to make a difference in how mental
illness is viewed in our society.
● Develop your professional skills while enjoying a fun, flexible work environment where you can see the difference you
are making every day.
● Get in on the ground floor of a startup organization and help to turn its goals into reality.
● Apply and enhance your skills in your field and learn new ones.
● Receive letter of recommendation from DMAX Foundation after successful completion of internship. Internship could
be available for credit based on your institution’s guidelines.
Bryn Mawr, PA. Possible travel to other college campuses may be required.
Time Frame
● Fall/Spring 2017
● 7-10 hours per week (or more if preferred)- Intern is responsible for keeping track of hours and documenting work
done- via excel spreadsheet or other software used by DMAX Foundation for this purpose.
To apply for this position please send a resume along with a cover letter that highlights your relevant qualifications and your
interest in the position to internships@dmaxfoundation.org .


Internship Opportunity with Congressional Leadership Fund

The Congressional Leadership Fund is the leading Super PAC supporting Republican candidates for the U.S. House, spending $50 million during the 2016 cycle.

Join the Top Grassroots Effort in the Country
Fantastic opportunity for those interested in
building a resume and learning more about campaigns and politics. Flexible hours and able to work with busy schedules. Interns may earn college credit with this internship. INTERNS WILL BE EXPOSED TO:
• Campaign Strategy
• Voter Targeting and Contact Methods
• Grassroots Organizing and Networking
• Discussion of Current Political Issues

CONTACT – Caleb Humphrey chumphrey@theclf.org

Fall Internship Opportunity

News Talk 990Am is hiring Interns for their High School Sports Show.

This is a great opportunity to gain experience with live and recorded programming, web based content and social media.

More information can be found here – http://www.hssports610am.com/

Fall Internships Available at 101.1 MORE FM



WBEB’s goal is to offer two Internships for each of the following semesters: Fall, Spring and Summer.

The overall goal of the WBEB station Internship Program is to provide students with a first-hand glimpse into the day to day workings of one of the top radio stations in the Philadelphia Market. We do this by presenting a broad view of the industry as a whole, with a focus on the various departments with the radio station.

Below is a general outline of the internship program. Details may vary based on company needs and the student’s schedule.


– Work with various departments of the radio station to gain an overall understanding of each department and how they relate to each other.

  • Promotions Department:
    – Assist in event planning, corporate communications and other areas of public relations
    – Research area events
  • Sales Department
    – Assist with marketing research projects
  • Website

– Assist with writing blogs and researching content for stories

– Assist with social marketing efforts


All interns will be required to meet with each Department Head within the Company to gain a broader understanding of the Station’s operations and how each Department works together to achieve the overall goals of the Company.


– Must be internet savvy and proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc)
– Must be enrolled in a program that will allow academic credit for this internship program
– Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Communications or Business majors preferred
If you are interested in this internship opportunity, please email your resume to openings@morefmphilly.com

WBEB is An Equal Opportunity Employer

Fall Internship Opportunity

Fall ’17 Com Internship Opportunity: 10-12 hrs per week, unpaid at the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator in Center City.

About the Internship:

Marketing internship that is perfect for students looking to get into the fashion industry or get more professional social media marketing experience. The internship entails social media marketing, Mail Chimp use, event marketing, being a liaison between designers and brands and so much more. Every day is a little different. If interested please email a resume and cover letter to elissa@philadelphiafashionincubator.com.

About The Philadelphia Fashion Incubator at Macy’s, Center City: 

A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is a collaboration between the City of Philadelphia, Macy’s Center City, Center City District, and various educational institutions devoted to fashion design in Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Fashion Incubator is the first of its kind in Philadelphia. The city is fortunate to be home to nationally-recognized fashion design schools including Moore College of Art, Drexel University, and Philadelphia University. With the incredible talent coming out of these schools, the city realized there were few resources that supported local fashion designers who wanted to launch their businesses in Philadelphia.


New York Festivals Torch Awards Competition for Young Creatives

New York Festivals is one one of the leading advertising awards show worldwide, with an exciting opportunity for new creatives! It’s called the Torch Awards. New York Festivals would like to invite all young creative talent from the age of 18 – 27 to take part in Torch Awards, a unique competition that explores a creative challenge each year and offers mentor training on how to pitch their ideas. This year’s challenge is Integrated-Mixed Media Challenge.

New York Festivals Torch Awards competition provides young creatives from the ages of 18-27 the opportunity to review a marketing opportunity to assist Today, I’m Brave. Submit ideas for a creative challenge, pitch their idea, and if they are selected as Torch Award winners, the opportunity to see their work go live.

Please see below important information regarding the 2017 Torch Awards:

• Currently open for entries

• Website: http://www.newyorkfestivals.com/torchawards/

• It is FREE to enter

• Entry deadline is Feb 17, 2017

• The grand winning team will be announced live at the New York Show on May 18, 2017

• All entrants must be at least age 18 by May 17, 2017, but not older than 27

• Teams must consist of at least 2 but no more than 4 individuals

• The 2017 competition brief, as well as the rules & regulation can be found on the website.

For inquires contact Mital Kataria, PR & Marketing Coordinator, (212) 643-4800 ext. 14