Fall Internships Available at 101.1 MORE FM



WBEB’s goal is to offer two Internships for each of the following semesters: Fall, Spring and Summer.

The overall goal of the WBEB station Internship Program is to provide students with a first-hand glimpse into the day to day workings of one of the top radio stations in the Philadelphia Market. We do this by presenting a broad view of the industry as a whole, with a focus on the various departments with the radio station.

Below is a general outline of the internship program. Details may vary based on company needs and the student’s schedule.


– Work with various departments of the radio station to gain an overall understanding of each department and how they relate to each other.

  • Promotions Department:
    – Assist in event planning, corporate communications and other areas of public relations
    – Research area events
  • Sales Department
    – Assist with marketing research projects
  • Website

– Assist with writing blogs and researching content for stories

– Assist with social marketing efforts


All interns will be required to meet with each Department Head within the Company to gain a broader understanding of the Station’s operations and how each Department works together to achieve the overall goals of the Company.


– Must be internet savvy and proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc)
– Must be enrolled in a program that will allow academic credit for this internship program
– Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Communications or Business majors preferred
If you are interested in this internship opportunity, please email your resume to openings@morefmphilly.com

WBEB is An Equal Opportunity Employer