Registration for COM Majors

COM Majors

Registration is rapidly approaching, here is what you need to know.

What COM courses are being offered?

Great question. Just read this, it contains a list of all the COM courses for Fall 2015. It also contains information about courses in other departments that might be of interest to COM majors and minors as well as a list of ILCs.

I want to take a COM option course, what should I take?

There are four classes. Advanced Web Design. Physical Computing and Accessibility. Crime Justice and the Media. & Social Media and Community Engagement. If you want to know more about these courses you can read this which has information about all the courses, with descriptions of these.

Also if you are going to be a senior or junior you can take COM202 or COM 372 as an option course. (Sophomores are required to take both so they don’t count as an option course.)

I am thinking of doing an internship what should I know?

Internship, no worries we got you covered just read this.

This whole registration thing is confusing I need help.

No worries, Steven Hammer created this whole video to walk you through the process. Some of it is specifically for his advisees, but it covers everything you should need to know.

How do I get my PIN?

Your advisor should have your pin. But if you can’t reach your advisor just swing by Bronstein and ask Chris (she is on the second floor), and she will have your pin, she is in from 9am-4pm on Monday-Thursday and 9am-Noon on this Friday (March 20th) only. (But if you want to get your PIN from Chris you need to come by the office to do so, no email.)

But I thought there was going to be a party?

There is, a pre-registration party. COM faculty will be on hand to answer all your questions, cover registration information, hand out your PINS, and THERE WILL BE FOOD. So stop on by, Tuesday March 24th during free period (11:00-12:00) in first floor of Bronstein (the new home of the COM department).

But I am going to be a senior, how does that party help me?

We know you register on Tuesday, but we pretty much figure you got this registration thing down. We still want you to have some free food, so join us on Tuesday anyone and that way you can tell the other COM students what classes they should take.