Upper Level Topic Courses for Fall 2014

Audio Design and Production COM 473Steven Hammer:


Students in this course will explore various aspects of analyzing and producing sound, particularly in digital environments. Topics in the class will include field recording, audio editing tools and techniques, audio documentaries, sound design in film and games, podcasting, and the rhetorical effects of sound. Students will create a range of sound-based works, from a collaborative podcasting series to community-based audio documentaries.

Social Media and Community Engagement  -Aimee Knight:

Join our thinking (and doing) tank by working with the Beautiful Social collaborative. Students in this course will be actively involved in research concerning social media and community engagement with local not-for-profit organizations. Students will examine both theoretical and experiential foundations in order to understand the relationship between mediated communication and social communities. Those who complete this course will know how to apply a variety of social media theories and practices to the social web (including network theory and social network analysis). Not only will students learn how to effectively communicate to audiences through a variety of platforms (including Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and Instagram), they will gain hands-on experience in content strategy and community engagement while working with a local organization. Course entry is by application. Click here to fill out an application.

Information, Materiality, and Printing in 3 Dimensions COM 473 –David Parry:


We consistently hear that we are undergoing an information revolution, living in an information age, that the abundance and ubiquity of information is changing everything about the way we live. In this class we will study this narrative, examining how information has altered the way we live, looking both at historical changes such as the telegraph, and more contemporary ones such as the relational change between material and information initiated by the rise in 3D printing. This class will simultaneously look to examine information’s changing relation to the material, and actively engage in participating in this cultural shift. We will be critiquing and making in this class.

Mystery Course COM 473 -.

We don’t know yet what this topic course will be, but it will be great (as all COM courses are). So, if you need an upper level COM course you should definitely consider this one.

Note: You can repeat COM473 for credit provided the content is different.