Information on Fall 2014 Registration

Registration is rapidly approaching, below is a host of crucial information regarding registering for classes in the Fall. I realize you all hate long reads, and probably are inclined to ignore this and hope for a tl;dr version. But please don’t. Take time and read this, it will help answer many of your questions about registration.

Most Important

We will be having two pre-registration meetings for majors and minors. You should make every effort to attend these. At these meetings advisers will be able to give you your pin, we will be there to answer questions about registration, answer questions about the classes, and offer direction on what you should enroll for.

Sophomores and Juniors:
Thursday, March 20th
Merion 174

Tuesday, March 25th
Merion 174

Major Restriction: All of the courses will initially be major restricted. This is to ensure that students who are majoring in COM have the chance to take these courses, as they need them to graduate. We have tried to offer enough classes to accommodate both majors and minors, but we want to make sure that the majors have the opportunity to register for the classes they need.

COM 200: COM 200 is the only course that will not be major restricted, as a minor you will be able to register for that class during your registration time. Note though that some of the sections will be reserved for the entering first year class of majors as they will now need to take it their first semester as a COM major. So, while there will certainly be enough spaces for all current majors and minors in 200, not all sections will be an option for you.

Registering as a COM Minor: After next years sophomores have had a chance to register we will then open up all of the courses for minors. You will still need to be a minor or a major to register for a COM course. So if you are a minor and want to take Web Design or Civic Media which will initially be major restricted once all of the majors have had a chance to register on (insert date) we will then have the registrar remove the major restriction and allow minors to fill the remaining spots.

Internship: If you are taking a Fall Internship you must register for the COM internship, COM492. This class will not be major restricted, as a minor or a major you can register for it. Please see this guide for more answers about the Internship. If you want to do a summer internship please see this guide. Note that while you can do a summer internship, you can’t do it for COM492 credit. The summer internship is just a one credit class.

Upper Level Electives: There are four Upper Level COM electives next semester. Note you can repeat these for credit even though sometimes they have the same number, as long as the content is different. You can see this for a description of these courses. Note, that Aimme Knight’s course requires an application to enroll in the class (you can fill out an application here). You can see all the upper level offerings on the post below (or later at a link in the sidebar).

Mystery Class: So if you look at the schedule you will note that there is one upper level COM course that has a sort of nebulous, less than detailed description. That is because we don’t quite know what it will be yet, right now it isn’t certain. But we promise like all COM classes it will be teh awesome. So if you are looking for an upper level COM course and it fits your time, consider this class.

Prerequisites: Note that COM200 and COM201 are now prerequisites for all other COM courses.