Google Glass and the Future of Journalism

Guest talk by Jeremy Littau, Assistant Professor of Journalism and Communication at Lehigh University.

Photo of Young Girl Wearing Google Glass


Glassholes or fashionistas? They’re not everywhere, but with each passing week communities are seeing more people walking around with wearable media devices such as Google Glass. Lehigh University professor Jeremy Littau, who has had Google Glass for about a year now and has been experimenting with it in the classroom, will talk about the device and its uses – what it is, how it works, and what we can do with it. We’ll look at early attempts by journalists and journalism students to use this in their everyday work and talk about the possibilities (and pitfalls) that come with wearable technology, particularly devices that have built-in cameras. Also up for discussion will be legal and ethical issues that come with the spread of wearable tech.


Thursday, March 27th
Merion 174