NBC10 social media editor Sarah Glover on campus Nov. 14

Sarah Glover, the social media editor for NBC Philadelphia and an award-winning photographer and videographer, will be on campus to talk with Communication Studies students during free period (11 a.m. to Noon) on Nov. 14 in Merion 174.


Here is Sarah’s bio from her LinkedIn page:

“Sarah’s broadened her passion for news, multimedia and visual journalism. She’s a social media junkie and uses technology and social media to tell stories as NBC10’s social media editor.

Over the course of her career, Sarah has created engaging visual narratives. She led the Philadelphia Daily News video team for the “Tainted Justice” series, which won the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Journalism. Sarah has an aptitude for visual journalism, sound news judgment and empathy for her subjects. She’s a trained still photographer who started shooting video stories for the web in 2007. Her professional outlook is that every day is an opportunity to learn and apply something new.

Sarah served as president of the Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists (2009-2012) and is a former three-term board member of the National Association of Black Journalists (2001-2007).”

Follow her on Twitter at @skyphoto.

Sarah’s talk will replace the audio/podcasting lab scheduled for that time and counts as one of the four required labs.