Spring and Summer Internship FAQ

So You Wanna Take an Internship . . .

I am thinking of taking an internship next semester what should I do? First you should start applying to internships. But second, you should do the COM Paperwork for the Internship and submit it. Finally you should register for COM 491 which is the internship class.

What if I am planning on doing an internship in the summer? If you will be doing an internship in the summer you should still fill out the form as best as possible, with what you think your internship will be. And then you should enroll in COM 491 the internship class.

Wait what there is an internship class? Yes all students who are taking a COM internship need to be enrolled in this class which meets once a week.

But what if I have something else I want to take at that class time? Do I have to take the internship class? Yes, you have to take the class. See above.

Okay but what if the class fills? We think we have enough room for students at the current cap, but if we need to we will find room for all students who have a spring internship.

Are there pre-reqs for the internship? Yes. You need to have completed both COM 200 and 201, and be a junior or senior.

What if I have already done an internship, can I still take this class? Yes. If you want to take an internship for COM credit you have to take this class.

Do I need to take this class for each internship I do? Yes.

So I can’t take an internship as a sophomore? No. Internships are limited to students with advanced standing who have completed the core requirement for the major/minor.