Communication and Media Studies Department

Communication Studies students acquire a solid grounding in the study of digital communications while exploring current ideas and tools that are shaping the knowledge society.

The BA in Communication Studies is a major in the College of Arts and Sciences for students interested in specializing in digital media studies as an area of expertise. The major helps students develop advanced skills in communications with an emphasis on digital media studies, including multimedia writing, video editing and production, web content strategy and design, and writing for social media platforms.

A hallmark of the Communication Studies curriculum is the emphasis on both theory and practice. Not only do students study what is happening at the forefront of emerging communication technologies, they also participate. Students have access to cutting-edge resources as they make and reflect upon media and in the process acquire important skills in teamwork, innovation, design, and entrepreneurship.

Example Careers for Communication Studies Majors

  • Web content strategy and design
  • Social media / community management
  • Multimedia journalism

Hands-On Experience

The Department of Communication and Media Studies is committed to excellence in teaching and learning. Faculty are dedicated to the art of thinking across media, platforms, and theories in order to create an innovative and socially responsible curriculum that goes beyond the classroom. Communication Studies students gain hands-on experience by working closely with faculty on a variety of activities, including

  1. organizing and hosting TEDx events for the campus community
  2. serving as digital media consultants to Philadelphia-area non-profit organizations through the enterprise Beautiful Social
  3. producing multimedia journalism in underrepresented communities.

Educational objectives and learning outcomes

Students in Communication Studies work over time to build a portfolio of original work which showcases knowledge and skills in the field of communications. Portfolios demonstrate mastery of learning outcomes at the level of the department’s core educational objectives:

Information Literacy

to identify, locate, evaluate, and effectively use specific information for the issue or problem at hand

Effective Communication

to employ effective communication strategies to navigate audience, purpose, and context and rhetorical considerations in the production and consumption of digital media

Design Thinking

to develop creative, human-centered approaches to designed communication and understand the variety of ways audiences act, interact, and make meaning

Social Responsibility

to understand how digital media can be employed to facilitate social entrepreneurship, innovation, and foster positive social change

Knowledge Integration

to connect ideas and synthesize diverse perspectives to innovate for useful ends