• All tickets are free of charge.
  • The cut-off day and time for you to get your tickets WAS FRIDAY MAY 10. If you have not gotten your tickets, please contact the Registrar’s Office at 610-660-2800. 
  • If you need to go back into the system to get additional tickets up to your maximum allowable tickets, you can do so at any time prior to the cut-off day.
  • Your tickets can be downloaded and sent by email, or you can send them by text. NOTE: We recommend your guests have tickets printed for ease of use.
  • You can download tickets for your guests at any point in time prior to Commencement.
  • To download your tickets, please go to
  • NOTE: These tickets are for your family and friends. As a graduate, you do not need a ticket.

Undergraduate, PLS and HDC Students

Undergraduate, PLS and HDC students will receive a maximum of seven guest tickets. These tickets are required for guest seating on Curran Field.

IMPORTANT: Each undergraduate student will receive two rain tickets that will admit two guests to the Michael J. Hagan ’85 Arena in the event that the ceremony is moved there for severe weather.  Additional guests may be seated in Mandeville Hall, Post Hall, Cardinal John P. Foley Center or Merion Hall, where the ceremony will be livestreamed. Requests for additional tickets will not be honored, and guests who attend without a ticket will not be seated in the Hagan Arena.

Graduate and Doctoral Students

Graduate and Doctoral students do not need tickets for the outdoor ceremony. However, in the event of a severe weather scenario, each student will receive five tickets for the Michael J. Hagan ’85 Arena to be used if the ceremony is moved indoors due to severe weather.