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Pooja Patel ’16

Pooja Patel '16

Pooja Patel ’16

“I  wanted to graduate early, because I knew I could reach my end goal quicker. I was always determined to be on the path to veterinary school.  It never occurred to me to do anything else.”

Biology major Pooja Patel ’16 has had a singular vision since she was a young girl helping in her parent’s veterinary clinic in Newtown, Pennsylvania. Now, with her acceptance to the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, her dream will come true when she takes her place as one of the elite school’s 125 students starting their training in August.

Pooja made the most of her three years at Saint Joseph’s. According to her advisor Julia Lee-Soety, Ph.D., associate professor of biology,  Pooja contacted her before she started her first year classes for approval to take six courses per semester —  two more than the recommended four for  biology majors. She also worked on a complicated research project involving diamondback terrapin hatchlings in the biodiversity lab of Professor of Biology Scott McRobert, Ph.D., the results of which will be submitted for publication. In addition to her bio major, Pooja carried a minor in religious studies and she took classes in Sanskrit, the liturgical language of  Hinduism, with Associate Professor of Religious Studies David Carpenter, Ph.D.

After the bustle of her undergraduate education, Pooja smiles and says she plans to relax this summer before she goes into “another crazy four years.” Read more about Pooja’s SJU experience here.

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