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Kathleen Rodgers ’16 and Chrissy Miseo ’16

Rodgers (right) and Miseo.

Kathleen Rodgers (right) & Chrissy Miseo.

“The different teaching strategies and behavioral management techniques we use at the Kinney Center can be implemented in any elementary or special education classroom,” says Kathleen Rodgers ’16.

The first class of Kinney Center for Autism Education and Support Apprentice SCHOLARS — at 12 participants — will graduate having started their Kinney experience the summer prior to their freshman year at SJU as staff members of Camp Kinney.  They also completed course work as summer students.

Kathleen Rodgers ’16, an elementary/special education major from Media, Pennsylvania, with minors in autism studies and faith-justice studies, has participated in the SCHOLARS program longer than any other student. “The training I received and the skill set I developed over the past four and a half years will be invaluable for my future career path,” says Kathleen, who will enter the special education field.

Chrissy Miseo ’16 is a triple major in elementary education, special education and autism behavioral studies from Marlboro, New Jersey. Miseo was accepted to several applied behavior analysis (ABA) master’s degree programs nationwide, and will continue her education at Florida State University, the top ABA program in the country.

“Participating in the apprentice program drew a path for my future,” says Chrissy. “It showed me where I grew the most and where I want to continue growing in my education. I’ve learned something new every day at Kinney, and now I never want to stop.”

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