Build Your Resume

  • Learn a host of job-search skills, from writing an effective resume to interviewing well.
  • Apply classroom knowledge to the workplace and workplace knowledge to the classroom.
  • Engage in relevant, challenging, paid work rotations (current pay range is $10 to $20 an hour).
  • Utilize their technical skills.

Gain Exposure to the Workplace

  • Discover how to earn trust in the workplace.
  • Experience the day-to-day rewards, successes and challenges of the workplace.
  • Build confidence and maturity.
  • Test a career choice while still in college.
  • Learn the value of teamwork, effective communication and presentation skills.
  • Gain ethical and professional insights.
  • Receive first-hand understanding of and knowledge in a given profession.

Gain Real Work Experience

  • The Co-op program at SJU unites the classroom and the workplace by giving students two full-time, paid work opportunities, creating one full year of job experience while they are still in college.
  • By participating in Co-op, students are exposed to job opportunities that are educationally enriching and professionally meaningful.

Get Ahead in Your Career Goals

  • Participate in the usual University activities, such as student government, Greek life, study abroad, select sports, honor and professional societies and so forth.
  • Gain one year of full-time work experience in four years without extending the graduation date.
  • Be substantially more competitive job candidates upon graduation.

Graduate in Four Years

  • SJU’s format allows students to¬†graduate¬†in four years, even while earning one year of valuable work experience.
  • The first Co-op experience takes place during the fall of the sophomore year and the second takes place from January to the summer just prior to the senior year.

Available to a Variety of Majors

  • The Co-op Program is operated within the Haub School of Business.
  • It is open to any student majoring in a buisness field, including students in the College of Arts and Sciences who have a double major in a business field. Majors include:
Accounting Leadership, Ethics and Organizational Sustainability
Business Administration Managing Human Capital
Business Intelligence Marketing
Family Business and Entrepreneurship Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing
Finance Risk Management and Insurance
Food Marketing* Sports Marketing
International Business College of Arts & Sciences / HSB double majors

*Food Marketing students can also participate in co-op through partnerships in that department.