“Fermentation Thursday”

Food Chemistry students tried their hand at fermentation during a recent lab!  These students were pickling sauerkraut, while others pickled mangos and avocados.  One group pickled a jar of hot peppers and garlic, in a brine that students will blend into a hot sauce in a couple of weeks!

“Fermentation Thursday, February 13th ” was a huge success!




Spring 2020 Seminar Schedule


McCroddy Frontiers in Science Seminar Series:

Wednesday, March 25:  Enrique De La Cruz, Ph.D. (Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, Yale)

“How cells use Chemistry and Physics to break the bones that power their movement (300 SC)     3:35 P.M.


Wednesday, April 22:           Student Research Presentations I          400 SC          3:35 P.M.

Wednesday, April 29:          Student Research Presentations II          400 SC         3:35 P.M.


“Chemistry Department Faculty and Staff”

Left to Right Bottom Row:     Roger Murray, Ph.D., Peter Zurbach, Ph.D., John Longo, Laboratory Coordinator, Peter Graham, Ph.D.,

Scott Niezgoda, Ph.D.

Left to Right Top Row:            Kathy Gordon, Adm. Assistant, Mark Reynolds, Ph.D., Usha Rao, Ph.D., Brian Lake, Resource Coordinator;

Mark Forman, Ph.D., Chair.     Missing:  Jose Cerda, Ph.D.    

Summer Scholars 2019

Fifteen students participated in the Summer Scholars 2019 program:

Dr. Mark Forman:   Emily Schaeffer, Collette Makara, Christina DeAngelo and Liam Browne

Dr. Jose Cerda:    Gerardo Rivera-Colon, Aiden Bauer and Tanaka Mada

Dr. Peter Graham:  Patrick Higgins, Jovany Laredo and Maddie MacDonald

Dr. Scott Niezgoda:   Lucas Tortella, Jordan Butt and Erica Litle

Dr. Reynolds/Rao:  Amy Troutman, Nazein Brahme


Congratulations Class of 2019

Left to Right:  David Deysher, Griffin Spence, Brandon Jiannotti, Steven Oldenburg

Elise Brutschea, Elizabeth DelRio, Emily Dispenziere, Ashley Frankenfield, Isabella Armento, Praise Okoh-Aihe, Mary Dougherty

Missing:   Erin Fahey, John Henry, Delaney McCann, Cody Suliveras-Jardine, Christopher Tran and Behlul Basqul.

ACS National Meeting

Erica Litle, Christina DeAngelo, Brandon Jiannotti, Steve Oldenburg, Madelyn MacDonald,  Emily Dispenziere and Delaney McCann; respectively presented at the American Chemical Society’s National Meeting which was held from March 31-April 4th in Orlando, Florida



Spring Student Seminars


Wednesday,  April 17th:        Student Research Presentations I     

Elise Brutschea, Brandon Jiannotti and Steve Oldenburg


Wednesday, April 24th:         Student Research Presentations 2

Ashley Frankenfield, David Deysher and Griffin Spence


400 SC   3:30 p.m.

“Nanochemistry Spring 2019 Course”

Have an interest in nanotech?   Consider taking the new Chem Department’s new course being offered for the Spring 2019 semester on nanomaterials.

The course “Nanochemistry” will be taught by Dr. Niezgoda on Tuesdays/Thursdays at 12:30.   If you have any questions, you can reach Dr. Niezgoda at scott.niezgoda@sju.edu.

Congratulations Elise and Dave

Elise Brutschea’19 was awarded a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship from the Division of Organic Chemisty of the American Chemical Society; a competitive award based on the merits of students’ research proposals, academic records, faculty recommendations and their passion for laboratory science.  This fellowship provided financial support for Elise to carry out research this past summer at St. Joseph’s University along with a tour of Pfizer’s industrial campus in Groton, CT


David Deysher ’19 was awarded a four-year scholarship to medical school from the Air Force Health Professions Scholarship Program.   While on scholarship, Dave will spend 45 days on active duty in the Air Force, and after graduation will serve four years of active duty, one for each year of scholarship.





The Saint Joseph’s University chapter of Alpha Epsilon Delta, the national pre-health honor society inducted the following six students:

Brandon Creisher         ChemBiology                                  Michael Feng     Chemistry                      Talia Gottlieb               ChemBiology

Emily Hunter                 ChemBiology                                  Erica Litle         Chemistry                      Maria Mazzochette       ChemBiology