Reynolds Group presents at Spring 2012 ACS National Meeting in San Diego


2012 national acs

Above: Reynolds Group members Chrissy Ott and Kim Nguyen present at the Spring 2012 American Chemical Society national meeting in San Diego, CA

Chrissie Ott and Kim Nguyen presented the results of their research with Dr. Mark Reynolds at the 243rd National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in San Diego in March 2012. Chrissy’s and Kim’s poster was entitled “Site-directed mutagenesis studies of conserved residues in the heme domain of smfixL: Insights into the oxygen sensing mechanism of heme-pas proteins” was presented” and represents several years of the students research in the Reynolds group. Chrissy was a three year Summer Scholar and Kim a two-year Summer Scholar. The SJU Summer Scholars Program pairs students with a faculty advisor who supervises their work.


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