Excel Charts Workshop for CAS Administrative Assistants

On January 13, Ben Jezierski, Training Coordinator of Information Technology, conducted a workshop entitled “Creating Charts with Microsoft Excel” for PC Users. This session was the most recent offering in the CAS Administrative Assistants’ Professional Enrichment Series.

The four most commonly-used charts were covered: pie, bar, column, and line charts. After a discussion of two important preliminary tasks–arranging data correctly in a spreadsheet and selecting the most appropriate kind of chart to display the data– participants gained hands-on experience in creating charts and graphs and formatting them to clearly present information. Handouts from the workshop are available on the CAS Administrative Assistants’ Blackboard site on MySJU. A version of this workshop for MAC users is being planned for the spring.

Copyright Seminar on January 11

Much of the material used in Saint Joseph’s University’s courses, whether within the traditional classroom, through SJU-Online programs, or stand-alone online courses, is protected under copyright law. When faculty use writings, images, artwork, videotapes, musical work, sound recordings, motion pictures, computer programs, and other works, they are likely using copyright-protected materials. Consequently, faculty may inadvertently violate owners’ rights whenever they copy materials as handouts, upload works to websites, display slides or images, show videos or listen to music.

The rules for distance education are significantly different from those applied to face-to-face and traditional classroom settings. Both the meaning of “fair use” and the details of copyright law become much more rigorous when the materials are uploaded to websites, transmitted anywhere in the world, and are easily downloaded, altered, or further transmitted by students and other users.

To fulfill our legal obligations and to satisfy our need for knowledge, we are pleased to announce that we will be hosting an educational seminar presented by the Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. The purpose of this seminar is to share with the University community information pertinent to copyright law as it applies to the academic world. The goal is to deliver to Saint Joseph’s a copyright education session covering the basics of copyright law and compliance so that the entire community, administrators, faculty, and staff, can work diligently to adhere to copyright laws. In addition to the basics, history and definition of copyright, public domain and fair use with specific focus on the academic and library environment will be reviewed. A light breakfast will be served.

Date: Monday, January 11, 2010
Time: 9:00am- 11:30am
Location: Forum Theater, Campion Center
Presenter: Dru Zuretti – Manager, Copyright Education
RSVP: Jane Downey by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, January 6

I hope you can take advantage of this important programming.

Brice Wachterhauser, Ph.D.

–Permission to blog obtained from the Office of Academic Affairs on January 6, 2010

Customized Training Offered by Ben Jezierski

Ben Jezierski, Training Coordinator of Information Technology, offers the following training opportunity for our students, faculty and staff:

For CAS students:
In addition to the training classes offered during the day, Ben will offer training classes in the evening to accommodate the needs of our students who take classes in the evening. Our graduate students in the College of Arts & Sciences can benefit greatly from this offer.

For CAS faculty:
Ben is willing to come to your classes and provide training on specific topics for MS Office suite. For example, Ben did a training class for Dr. Jenny Spinner on how to use “Track Changes” in Word. It might also be a good use of class time to consider having Ben teach a class on MS Office when you are away for a conference.

For CAS staff:
Ben has started offering customized training classes for our administrative assistants. We received overwhelming positive feedback on the Zimbra FAQ class on October 21 for our administrative assistants. In January Ben will conduct an Excel class for our administrative assistants.

If you plan to have Ben teach a class that is not offered in the posted IT training class schedule, please contact Anne Szewczyk at szewczyk@sju.edu. Anne will then make the necessary arrangements with Ben. Ben’s classes cover topics in MS Office for PC and Mac, Zimbra Web Client, PC Basic, Mac Basics. Here is IT’s training schedule.

Zimbra FAQ Workshop for CAS Administrative Assistants

On October 21, Ben Jezierski, Training Coordinator of Information Technology, conducted a workshop for Administrative Assistants in the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) entitled ‘Zimbra Frequently Asked Questions.’  Our Administrative Assistants have been using Zimbra for a while; but still had questions about Zimbra that this workshop would answer. The workshop was the latest of a series of professional development technology workshops for CAS Administrative Assistants organized by Lorraine Hannon and Anne Szewczyk of the CAS Dean’s Office.

The topics covered include: zooming in, spell check, dictionary, return receipts, saved drafts, autosave function, mailboxes, having email and calendar open simultaneously, organization of emails, the Find function, playing a sound when new email arrives, attachment, briefcase, filters, resending old email, creating subfolders, having Zimbra up all day, etc. The participants were very pleased with the coverage of the workshop. Many of them commented that the Zimbra FAQ session was very helpful and that they are looking forward to our future scheduled sessions on Excel and PowerPoint.  The handouts from the workshop can be downloaded from the CAS Administrative Assistants Blackboard site.

Other useful information on Zimbra provided by Information Technology can be found at:

Zimbra blogs

Zimbra FAQs

Blackboard Workshop for CAS Administrative Assistants

On March 18, Al Labonis conducted a workshop covering basic features in Blackboard to Administrative Assistants in CAS.  Al is the Instructional Designer of the Instructional Technology Distributed Learning (ITDL) division of the Information Technology Department. Our Administrative Assistants expressed a desire to become familiar with Bb’s basic features. Their interest stems from their need to have some knowledge of Bb in the event that they are approached by faculty in need of information or assistance in basic Bb tasks. As part of the professional development workshops for CAS Administrative Assistants, Lorraine Hannon and Anne Szewczyk in the CAS Dean’s office offered this opportunity to the Administrative Assistants and arranged all of the details for the workshop. 

The topics covered include enrolling users to a Bb course and changing their permissions, adding and removing content, sending mail, and checking grades in the grade book. The participants were given hands-on experience in performing these Bb functions and were very enthusiastic about the workshop. They conveyed to Al that the workshop gave them a better understanding of Blackboard and felt that they could be more effective when approached by faulty with Bb questions.

HTML class and CMS tutoring for CAS Administrative Assistants

To pave the way for the maintenance of departmental web pages by our administrative assistants, an HTML class was conducted by Enrico Capitan for all Administrative Assistants in the College of Arts & Sciences on January 13, 2009. Anne Szewczyk will follow up with a private tutoring session of the Content Management System (CMS). The feedback from our Administrative Assistants for the HTML class is overwhelmingly positive. Anne looks forward to the CMS tutoring sessions with our Administrative Assistants.

The following topics were covered in the HTML class:

  • The meaning of HTML
  • The how to create an HTML document
  • The basic elements of an HTML document
  • How to add headings and paragraphs
  • How to add line breaks
  • How to add non-breaking spaces
  • How to add emphasis to your text
  • About file structure
  • How to add links to other pages
  • How to work with images using built-in tools
  • How to add images
  • How to use lists