Deadline for Technology Innovation Fund Grant Applications Extended to June 6, 2014

David Lees from Academic Technology & Distributed Learning recently announced an extension of the deadline for Technology Innovation Fund Grant applications to June 6, 2014.

The Technology Innovation Fund (TIF) was established by the Office of Information Technology and Academic Technology & Distributed Learning to encourage and support our faculty in their use of new and innovative instructional technologies to advance teaching and learning.

The purpose of TIF is to:

  • Promote innovation and experimentation with new techniques, tools, and technologies
  • Support exploration of new trends for technology use within a field of study or course delivery format
  • Develop new approaches to teaching, learning, service, or scholarship by applying emerging technologies and tools

Prospective applicants are encouraged to develop proposals which support their own professional development while strengthening student learning outcomes through the innovative use of new technology or through finding new ways to apply existing technology.

To complete the application, you’ll need to provide the following information:

  1. Description of teaching innovation and technology needed (250 words)
  2. List of technology (hardware/software) and services that are being requested and estimated budget
  3. Description of learning objectives to be addressed through the grant (100 words)
  4. Description of assessment plan for learning objectives (100 words)
  5. An optional literature review or research supporting the methodology and technology approach to be applied through the grant

You can read about the six previous grant-funded initiatives and view their video presentations at ATDL’s Technology Innovation Fund (TIF) web page.