Faculty Resources and Support: April Technology Workshops

The new version of Blackboard is coming this May! It’s new and improved, and we’re here to teach you anything you’d like to learn! Academic Technology and Distributed Learning (ATDL) continues to offer workshops to help you prepare for the launch.

Below you will find a brief description of each workshop along with the dates and times each is offered. Each workshop is 50 minutes long, and you can register at mySJU under “School Services,” “Employee Training”. All online workshops are held via Collaborate, and after registration can be accessed by visiting the “Faculty Resources and Support” organization in learn.sju.edu and clicking on “Workshops”. More details about each workshop and a current calendar can be found on the ATDL website.

If you’d like to schedule a tailored workshop for your department or group, or the times below just don’t work for you, please contact us at atdl@sju.edu and we’ll work to accommodate your needs.

Workshops and Times

What’s New in Blackboard:
Getting Social

SJU and Blackboard have taken a whole new approach to development and management of the learning management system. From hardware, support, and environments, it’s a new ball game.

In Person Training
4/3, 1pm
4/11, 3pm
4/16, 10am
4/25, 3pm
4/30, 9am

Online Training
4/4, 4pm
4/9, 5pm
4/22, 9:30am
4/25, 5pm
5/1, 9:30am

Blackboard Content Management:
Manage Less, Develop More

The Blackboard Content Management system lets you focus more time on developing your content, and less time managing it.

In Person Training
4/3, 3pm
4/10, 10am
4/17, 9:30am
4/23, 2pm
4/30, 1:30pm

Online Training
4/4, 4pm
4/9, 4pm
4/14, 1pm
4/22, 4pm
4/28, 5pm

Countdown to Collaborate!

This workshop is designed to educate faculty on Blackboard’s newest web-conferencing tool, Collaborate. Attendees will learn how to add Collaborate to their course space, create a Collaborate session, and use the interactive features of Collaborate to create a strong community of learning in the virtual classroom.

In Person Training
4/3, 11am
4/9, 10am
4/14, 4pm
4/22, 9:30am
4/28, 2pm

Online Training
4/2, 4pm
4/9, 5pm
4/15, 2pm
4/24, 9:30am
4/29, 2pm

Effective Online Presentations:
Let You Shine Through!

Are your students yawning through your presentations? Do you have the itch to wow them? In this workshop, we’ll cover the principles of good presentation design and delivery. We’ll also cover how to add audio to your slides, and give an overview of Camtasia, a screen capture software tool.

In Person Training
4/4, 10am
4/9, 9am
4/16, 1:30pm
4/22, 9am
4/28, 11am

Online Training
4/8, 5pm
4/15, 4pm
4/21, 12pm
4/29, 11am

Strategic Communication:
Building a Strong Community of Learners

Learn about Blackboard tools and communication strategies that can be used to create a truly collaborative learning environment.

In Person Training
4/2, 2pm
4/8, 1pm
4/17, 11am
4/21, 1:30pm
4/30, 9:30pm

Online Training
4/3, 5pm
4/10, 5pm
4/16, 5pm
4/22, 5pm
4/29, 9:30am

Learning Outcomes Assessment:
The Route to Continuous Improvement of Teaching & Learning

This workshop will focus on using learning goals, assignments, and rubrics to support continuous improvement of teaching and student learning.

In Person Training
4/11, 9am
4/22, 2:30pm
4/29, 2pm

Online Training
4/2, 3pm
4/3, 2pm
4/10, 5pm
4/17, 4pm
4/24, 5pm
4/29, 9:30am

Effective Use and Implementation

This workshop will introduce SJU faculty, administrators, and staff to the creation and use of rubrics. In addition, this workshop will provide participants with the opportunity to discuss previous experiences with the use of rubrics and why rubrics are used in evaluating learning activities.

In Person Training

Online Training

Blackboard Grade Center

The Blackboard Grade Center is more than just a way to record students’ grades; it is a dynamic and interactive tool. 
The Grade Center can record data, monitor student progress and communicate information to students. 
In the new release of Bb you can now grade a papers directly in the Grade Center.

In Person Training

Online Training

Permission to post this article was received from Al Labonis on April 3, 2014.