Planning for the End of Support for Windows XP and Upgrading to Windows 7

Did you happen to see this pop-up notification earlier this month?

Screen capture of Windows XP End of Support pop-up notification

Microsoft is finally pulling the plug on support for Windows XP and encouraging users to upgrade to a current operating system.

While your computer won’t necessarily self-destruct on April 8th, 2014, it will no longer receive security updates from Microsoft and will become increasingly vulnerable to malicious software or other types of attacks. Microsoft has a support article explaining the situation in a bit more detail (although the helpful recommendations for general consumers don’t really apply to faculty and staff computers on our campus). Also there is a web page that can detect and display your computer’s Windows operating system version.

CA&S Academic Computing Services and the Office of Information Technology are working together to identify all CA&S computers still running the Microsoft Windows XP operating system and to schedule upgrades to Microsoft Windows 7. If you know your SJU-issued computer is still running Windows XP, contact Anne Szewczyk at to make sure you are on the list of planned Windows 7 upgrades.

The upgrade process generally can be performed in one day depending on the availability of I.T. technicians and whether you have any non-standard applications installed on your computer. Computers that are hosting scientific instruments or other specialty hardware will need to be evaluated for compatibility on an individual basis.