TurningPoint (A.K.A. Clicker) Integration with Blackboard

TurningPoint ResponseCardTurningPoint ResponseCards (A.K.A. Clickers) are one of the coolest and most interactive instructional technology items we have at SJU. The clickers work in conjunction with a USB receiver and the TurningPoint Anywhere v.3 instant polling application that is installed on most podium computers across the campus. There are 35 clickers in a set, and they pack into a convenient carrying case.

Instant polling adds significant interactivity to your lecture and can really help increase student engagement. Polling may be performed anonymously when surveying the audience generally, or the unique identification number of each response unit can be entered for each student in a managed Participant List integrated with your Blackboard course.

TurningPoint Anywhere provides two actions that are integrated with Blackboard:

  • Import a Participant List from your Blackboard course
  • Export session Grades to your Blackboard course

To Import a TurningPoint Participant List from Blackboard (Mac OS):

  1. Launch TurningPoint Anywhere
  2. From the Window menu, select LMS Integrations
  3. Enter the Server Address: blackboard9.sju.edu
  4. Click Continue
  5. Enter your SJU Username and Password
  6. Select the option to Remember this information and click Continue (only your server address and user name will be remembered)
  7. Select Import Participant List and click Continue
  8. Select the appropriate Blackboard course and click Continue
  9. Specify the TurningPoint participant list file name and destination (the default location is your Documents/TurningPoint Anywhere/Participants folder) and click Save
  10. Click Done

After a session has been completed and saved, the grades can be exported to Blackboard. We’ll review those steps in the next post.