Appsolute Fun by Joanne Piombino


As a person who only speaks the English language, I found the free Google Translate App very intriguing.  After watching this video I couldn’t wait to give it a try!  There are 57 languages from which to choose, and I decided to translate from English to Spanish.   It was so cool to say a sentence in English and have it repeated in Spanish!  Although it sounded great to me, I decided to check its accuracy with a Spanish speaking faculty member Theresa Zmurkewycz.  I excitedly spoke an English sentence in into my iPhone and played the Spanish translation to Theresa, she responded with a confused look and asked “What is that?” I explained to her what I was doing, and she mentioned that the translation didn’t make sense, so we did some experimenting.  What we discovered was that the app translates only literal meanings when using speech recognition.  This causes problems with the translation because it cannot pick up the context or tense within the language.  Although, we did find that the translation accuracy was more reliable if I typed the sentence into the app instead of speaking it.

Next I decided to check and see if the translation results were the same in reverse, Spanish to English.  When Theresa spoke a sentence into the phone in Spanish, the translation problem remained.  Theresa spoke in Spanish “When should I come to your house?”  The English translation we received was, “Anything when you come into your home quillo.”  We thought we might need another translating tool to explain that one to us! travel

The Google Translate app is free, and it will work better if you remember to type in the words you’d like to translate. When deciding upon the translation tool that’s best for you, keep in mind the issue of Wi-Fi.  Translation tools that require Wi-Fi can limit usability depending upon your location, and roaming charges could apply. If you desire a more accurate gizmo, and don’t mind paying up to $99 for them, check out the following link. 2013 Top Ten Best Translation Software Reviews



Another fun App that might bring out the artsy side of your personality is the Half Tone App.  This app costs 99 cents and it allows you to turn photos into comics/postcards, and it allows text editing within those photos.  The photos can be chosen from those stored on your phone, or you can take a new photo within the Half Tone App and start creating your comic immediately.  Please click on the following link to see a demonstration on how this app works: Half Tone App Demonstration