iPad and iPhone Tips — Part 2

Welcome to another installment in our series of iPad and iPhone Tips. Previously we discussed rearranging your Home screen and tricks for text entry. Then we prompted you to view Apple’s iPad and iPhone User Guides at their website. By now we hope you’ve enjoyed reading those manuals cover to cover!

In the event that you haven’t gotten to those manuals quite yet, here are some more tips and tricks you may not have known about!

The Side Switch — Lock Your Screen Orientation or Mute Your Soundipadsideswitch

Q. What is that little sliding button above the volume controls on the right side of the iPad?

A. The Side Switch can either lock screen rotation at the present orientation or mute the iPad speaker.

  1. Visit Settings/ General/ “Use Side Switch to:” to specify which behavior you prefer.

iPhone owners have their own similar switch on the left side — the Ring/Silent switch — that will silence incoming call and alert sounds while still allowing sound from clock alarms, music and most games. This setting is perfect for using your iPhone as a travel alarm clock!

Multitasking Bar — Your Recently Used Apps!

Q. What is the Multitasking Bar?ipadhomebutton

A. The Multitasking Bar appears in place of your Dock and shows your most recently used apps.

  1. Double-tap the Home button to display your multitasking bar, which shows your most recently used apps.
  2. Tap an app here to open it or flick to see more of your recently used apps.
  3. To remove an app from your multitasking bar, touch and hold the app icon until it begins to jiggle, then tap the red and white “delete” symbol.
  4. Tap the Home button to display your normal Dock.

For More Information…

Visit Apple’s website for complete support and reference information, including links to PDF versions of all iPhone and iPad user guides:

Apple iPhone Support – Get Started http://www.apple.com/support/iphone/getstarted/

Apple iPhone Manuals http://support.apple.com/manuals/iphone/

Apple iPad Support – Get Started http://www.apple.com/support/ipad/getstarted/

Apple iPad Manuals http://support.apple.com/manuals/ipad/