Useful iPad Apps by Duane Glover

What are iPad apps?
Apps are also known as application software or an “app”. They are computer software designed to help the user to perform a specific task. iPad apps are software specifically designed to take advantage of the technology built into the iPad that includes such application as word processing software (Pages), spreadsheet software (Numbers), and presentation software (Keynote).

The iPad comes with several useful apps preloaded onto the device. Built in apps include Face Time, Photo Booth, Mail, Safari, iBooks, Videos, Photos, Find My iPad, iPod, iTunes, App Store, Maps, You Tube, GameCenter, Notes, Calendar, Contacts and Camera.

The iPad launched in April 2010 with over 3000 applications designed for the iPad. By December 2010, just eight months after the release of the iPad, over 50,000 apps were available for the device. As of July 2011, 16 months after the iPad launched, there are over 100,000 apps available at the App Store designed specifically for the device.

Popular Paid iPad Apps Popular Free iPad Apps
Pages – $9.99 Dropbox
Numbers – $9.99 Flipboard
Keynote – $9.99 Dragon Dictation
iAnnotate – $9.99 Evernote


The iPad can be an extremely useful tool to enhance teaching and learning. Personally my iPad is the tool of choice for most of my computing task. Before the iPad, I would use multiple tools to complete a single task. I now can complete multiple tasks with one tool – my iPad and its associated apps. This 21st Century tool has dramatically changed the way I do things. It has helped me to be more organized and almost paper free. I find it engaging on the professional and personal level. However, I must remind you that it is only a tool and needs to be used correctly in order for it to be useful. I liken the iPad to the invention of the power lawn mower, which made my lawn maintenance more efficient just as my iPad has made my computing task more efficient. But, when all is said and done, I still have to mow the lawn.

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