Install PDF Browser Plug-In from Schubert-IT

Mac users have been having a lot of problems viewing PDF documents in Blackboard and one of the best solutions is to install the Schubert PDF Browser Plug-In. The plug-in is free for educational use and easy to install.

There are different versions of the plug-in depending on your Mac operating system version, so follow our steps below to identify your Mac OS version, download the correct plug-in, install and activate it.

  1. Identify your Mac OS version.
    1. Pull down the Apple menu at the upper left corner of your screen and select About This Mac.
    2. 2macv

    3. The About This Mac window will display Mac OS X with your operating system version number listed below. Typically this will be 10.6.8 or 10.5.8.
  2. 1macv

  3. Download the appropriate version of the PDF Browser Plug-In.
    1. In Firefox or Safari view:

    2. 3schubertlit

    3. For Mac OS 10.6 you must download PDF Browser Plugin 2.4.2.
    4. For Mac OS 10.5 you must download PDF Browser Plugin 2.3.2
    5. Save the download and verify the location this file will be saved to, such as your Desktop or Downloads folder.
  4. Install the PDF Browser Plug-In.
  5. 3plugin

    1. Double-click the file you downloaded to mount the PDF Browser Plugin installer disk image.
    2. 5plugin

    3. Double-click the PDF Browser Plugin.mpkg installer package.
    4. Click Continue at the Welcome screen.
    5. Click Continue at the Important Information screen.
    6. Click Install at the Standard Install screen.
    7. Enter your SJU user name and password to approve the installation.
    8. Click Close at the Successful Installation screen.
    9. If Firefox or Safari is still open, quit and relaunch it.


  6. Activate the PDF Browser Plug-In License.
    1. View the web page that has an embedded PDF file, such as your BlackBoard course documents or an SJU page with links to documents and forms.
    2. 6license

    3. Click the button for Educational use only and click OK.
    4. 7license

    5. Click OK at the message regarding non-commercial use.
    6. 8license

    7. The upper edge of the PDF window has clickable buttons to save, print, advance through pages, rotate and so on. If you position your cursor over a button, a small text box will pop up and display the button’s function.

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