Laptop Ergonomics Part 2: Keep Following Ergonomic Laptop Usage Best Practices When You’re “On the Road”

Here is another great video from Vodafone Group, PLC, which presents three scenarios a traveler may encounter while using his/her laptop computer on the road along with strategies to make the best of each situation. The moral of the story is this: you don’t have to forgo ergonomic laptop usage best practices just because you are using your laptop away from your perfectly customized workspace.

Things to remember:

  • Keep your back straight and don’t slouch forward.
  • The bottom of the computer can get very hot! Use your briefcase or a book to protect your lap.
  • Keep your arms at a right angle.
  • Make use the resources you have a hand: a cushion or pillow to support your lower back, or a book to raise up your laptop.
  • Take a 2-3 minute break every 30 minutes to exercise your upper body.

Watch the video.

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